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We have

winced and leered,

thriven and failed,

 loved and unloved,

exulted and howled,

 forgotten and recalled,

endured and resigned,

 learned and unlearned,

spoken and unexpressed,

trusted and doubted,

 practiced and untried.

Things will surely come and go.

Let’s just live and go with the flow!





The Story of an Eccedentisiast- A SONNET

Once upon a time there was you and me.

We were young and overflowing with affection.

We had the best life and we both lived in glee.

And everything stayed in an unadulterated unison.


You made me believe that forever is not only a word.

That when two people work together, it will work.

That nothing and no one can stop them even a sword.

That all birds have beautiful melodies even a stork.


But like any heartbreaking movie or story I hate to see.

Our then sweet beginning resulted to a bitter ending.

You were no longer happy with me, so I set you free.

Even it was excruciating inside, even I felt like dying.


You made me an eccedentisiast, my dear.

Smiling unpretentiously is now my fear.



Copyright © 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo


Be Thankful

Be thankful for your struggle for

without it you wouldn’t have stumbled

across your strength.


Be thankful for the darkness for

without it you wouldn’t have seen

 the stars.


Be thankful for the pain for without it

you wouldn’t have experienced



Be thankful for the rain for without it

you wouldn’t have seen

 the rainbow.



Be thankful for the storm for without it

you wouldn’t have appreciated

 the sunshine.


Be thankful for your failures for without them

you wouldn’t have reached



Be thankful for the little things for without them

you wouldn’t have shaped

  the big things.


Be thankful for goodbyes for without them

you wouldn’t have created

new beginnings.



Copyright © 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

I Need You Now

I need you now, my dear

like a plant needs a water,

like a person needs  an air,

like a superhero needs a power,

like a bee needs a flower,

like a dream needs a dreamer,

like a rice field needs a farmer,

like a country needs a leader,

like a garden needs a gardener,

like a child needs a mother,

like a year needs a summer,

like ME needs a lover!

I miss you so much, my love!

Copyright © 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

All Rights Reserved