Secret Love

Greetings from the Philippines!Thanks for checking in!I wish all of you a fabulous Saturday!Just enjoy the day and don’t forget to speckle some positivity out there.

I just wrote a very simple poem for today.Haha!Hope you like it, and thanks again for reading.

Secret Love

My friend, I love you with all my heart.

I wish to tell you but I am full of doubt.

If you would allow me to play this part,

I would gladly open my shackled mouth!

Never knew that these feelings would grow.

I swear to you, I fought it over the past years.

These stifled emotions that I failed to show–

Brought me ceaseless regrets and even tears.

Today is the right time to confess this secret.

It might be too late but I will never hesitate.

I started to love you from the day we first met,

And these words remain true up to this date!

Don’t worry,I know you are happy with him.

What I just want is to tell the truth that I have.

It might be too painful now and a little bit dim.

Just let me pay the price of this unrequited love!


All Rights Reserved

Lebana’s Journal 2020

Anabel G. Raymundo

31 thoughts on “Secret Love

  1. Aww, a beautiful poem from start to finish! So heartfelt and could picture this playing in my mind like a movie. So descriptive and honest. Keep on writing amazing stories and poetry ❤ you are amazing. Stay safe, sweet friend

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    1. Glad you liked this one. It is such an honor to hear beautiful words from a brilliant writer like you.This made my morning😀Thank you for your endless kindness.God loves you!


    1. Glad you loved it. Hope to hear more from you and may we build a connection through supporting and uplifting each other. Love,Lebana from the Philippines😀


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