Make every moment count

Greetings from the Philippines! I’ve been slumbering for quite some time so I’ve decided to craft a poem for all of you, friends. Thanks for reading, and I pray that you always find success and happiness in all your endeavors. Sending love and light to all! Make Every Moment Count Life is a series of … Continue reading Make every moment count

Stop Pleasing Others!

We have allowed ourselves to be captives for years, Which brought us disenchantments and even tears, And the endless quest for one’s love and recognition, May only give us temporary pleasure not satisfaction.   We don’t live just to conform to the ideals of the world. This is indeed an emerging truth that we have … Continue reading Stop Pleasing Others!

Negative Inspiration

I dare you to figure me out! Hello readers!  If you are a regular visitor in my site I guess you’ve already read that line. It might sound like a challenge but it’s more than that to me. Actually, reality just hit me now. It’s not your duty to discern me- my thoughts, fears, aspirations, … Continue reading Negative Inspiration

5 Ways on How You Can Live Life to the Fullest

Dream as you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.-James Dean   You only live once and life is appallingly short. It might be distressing though, but once is truly enough if you’ll live it meaningfully. Sometimes, it’s just easy to look at your friends who are laughing around and assume that they don’t … Continue reading 5 Ways on How You Can Live Life to the Fullest