Love Under the Moonlight

Greetings from the Philippines!Thanks for checking in!

How are you today?I hope you are all healthy and safe amid the threats we’ve been experiencing for months. Hey!Life is short to be wasted so always choose to be happy despite all these complexities in life.

I have written another poem for today and I hope you read and like it. Thank you so much for the support.

Love Under the Moonlight

We have been here together–

Full of delight and passion as ever,

Watching the stillness of the night

Under the splendor of moonlight,

And the reign of the glittering stars–

As if this universe were only ours.

I listened to the beat of your heart,

As you played your favorite part–

Of holding and kissing me tenderly

Until I lose my breath and sanity.

I could feel nothing but your love–

A heavenly blessing from up above!

The salty wind enveloped our bodies,

As we gently crossed our boundaries;

We eagerly counted the stars together,

As if your feelings would never falter.

The moon witnessed when it all started,

And how our perfect romance withered!

Alas!I am now alone under the same sky,

Reminiscing how you swiftly said goodbye.

Hope you are happy now wherever you are,

I am more delighted knowing you are far.

But I thank the moon that never leaves me.

With its love and comfort, I am totally free!

Photo Source:wallpaperflaremcom

All Rights Reserved

Lebana’s Journal 2020

Anabel G. Raymundo

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