Dear Followers

Thanks for your time.

I am writing in desperation to request for your help for the medical treatment of my sister. My 39-year-old sister who is currently suffering from kidney and lung problems has been advised by her nephrologist to go through dialysis and other treatments. You already must have the idea that these treatments are always a matter of seriousness along with great financial expenditures as well.

Aside from this, my sister’s husband has also been sick with diabetes and they already exhausted all their ways and means for his treatments. Even providing the basic needs of their four children at this time is unbearable.

In this regard, I’m hoping that you’ll find it in your hearts to help in this challenging situation. We aim to raise an amount of five thousand dollars (5, 000 USD) to support her medical treatments.

Any amount from you will be a big help to them. Remember that by helping others, you are also helping yourselves.

You may reach me through or via 09684558733.

May God’s blessings be with you!


Anabel G. Raymundo

Oriental Mindoro, Philippines

29 thoughts on “Dear Followers

    1. Her crea is high and her kidney is not functioning anymore..As of writing, she’s under intubation. Please pray for her. She has four young and beautiful children.And I don’t want them to lose their mom.

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      1. Hoping she gets well soon. Tell her to try not to drink more than 500 ml of fluids a day if she’s on Ferousimide. More than that will counter the fluid retention she’s trying to lose. The liver is the main problem. It can not be repaired. So she MUST look after it.

        Wishing you well. I loved your last poem 🙏

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  1. My dearest Anabel, I am so sorry to hear of your sisters health crisis, as the hardship your family is in. I pray for your nieces and nephews… and for you as you obviously love your sister very much. Please know I am praying. I will ask my Lifegroup to pray as well. 🙏
    I’m not familiar with gcash, but then I am not familiar with most online payment methods.
    Me and God love you, Anabel! He loves your dear sister too! And those precious littles. ✝️🌹

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    1. Thank you so much, Gail. Your encouraging words are uplifting my spirit. I can’t thank you enough for all your support. I believe in his power and I know He’ll give us the courage to overcome these challenges.
      God bless you and your Lifegroup.🙏🙏

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  2. I’ve got a friend who is having the EXACT same problem. And it’s quite rare. But there’s 3 of them on the same ward. They’ve all been put on chemotherapy for 6 infusions.
    The consultant said it’s vaccine-related. They all had the vaccine 3 to 5 days before.
    They couldn’t stop urinating frequently. They’ve reported it to our yellow card scheme.
    Just wondering if it is the same

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