Afghans-Then and Now ( a poem)

Greetings from the Philippines. Lebana is back!

After some months of slumbering I’m back to share another poem about the saddening situation of our brothers and sisters in Afghanistan.Thank you so much for reading, and I hope we all continue praying for them. Sending love and light to all of you.

Afghans- Then and Now

Teasing. Playing. Children laughing.

Planting. Caring. Mothers preaching.

Resting. Working. Fathers sweating.

Dreaming. Relishing. People trying.

Growing. Reaching. Afghans thriving.

Living. Loving. ‘Til Talibans coming.

Now. Hiding. Panicking. Borders closing.

Looking. Waiting. Others escaping.

Breaking. Distressing. Freedom fading.

Baffling. Whining. Children screaming.

Shooting. Bombing. Some are dying.

Shocking. Exhausting. Chaos is lurking.

Saddened. Angered. The world is bleeding.

Watching. Hoping. People are praying.

The Lord is with you. Continue believing.

Hold onto your faith. Keep on surviving.

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Lebana’s Journey 2021

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

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