Change Makes Us

Greetings from the Philippines! Thanks for checking in!Hope you are all doing well.I've been busy these days so I wasn't able to pen something new. For today, I will be reposting an old poem that was written in 2018. Hope you like this. Big kisses! CHANGE MAKES US It is true that change does exist, … Continue reading Change Makes Us

Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award (06-11-20)

Hello, dearest friends! This is Lebana from the Philippines. My blog has been blessed once again with another award today. Praise the Lord, our God. He has His identifiable way of making me feel loved and valued. I would like to extend my sincerest appreciation to the creator of GiftedAndChilling for nominating me for the … Continue reading Ideal Inspiration Blogger Award (06-11-20)

Over 2,000 Followers on Lebana’s Journal

Good day! Thanks for checking in! Four days after its first birthday, I am more than grateful to announce that Lebana’s Journal has gloriously crossed its 2000 followers’ mark. What on earth have I done to enjoy such blessing! In this regard, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you, my … Continue reading Over 2,000 Followers on Lebana’s Journal

1st Lebana-versary 07/16/18

Hello, friends! Thanks for checking in! You heard it right! My blog is celebrating its first birthday. Where did the time go? It feels like 2017 is just a sleep away. Actually, I’ve been waiting for this day to come so I may experience how it feels to celebrate an anniversary, just like what other … Continue reading 1st Lebana-versary 07/16/18