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Time is Love

“Time is very slow for those who wait

Very fast for those who are scared

Very long for those who lament

Very short for those who celebrate

But for those who love, time is eternal”



Time is love, my dear!

The greatest gift  you can give

to the one you love.

It might be terribly short.

Seize the moment while it’s yours!

Lebana’s Tanka


May all your days be filled with love!








Thoughtful Thursday:Why do we pray?

Why do we pray? God knows everything already anyway. He’s almighty, sovereign, and in control of all things. What could we possibly add to His wisdom with our feeble attempts at prayer?

It’s a great question. So, let’s figure it out.

First, we pray because we are God’s children, and He loves to hear from us. –Zephaniah 3:17

Second, we pray because it deepens our trust in God.-Philippians 4:6-7

Third, we pray because it causes us to depend on God.-Isaiah 40:26

Fourth, we pray because it gives us the chance to express ourselves completely to the Lord.-Psalms 62:8

Fifth, we pray because our prayers move the heart of God.-James 4:2

Sixth, we pray because it’s an amazing way that we get to be involved with what God is already doing in our world.-1 Thessalonians 5:25

God shapes the world by prayer. The more praying there is in the world the better the world will be, the mightier the forces against evil.”-Mother Teresa


Wishing everyone a lovely day!

God bless you!






Sunday’s Sonnet

Sunday mollifies the dreary mind,

from the past monotonous days.

It permits the equable chasers find,

the land of temperate rays.


Sunday soothes the physique,

from the week’s strenuous task.

It unbends the infuriating oblique,

and unveils its impenetrable mask.


Sunday provides music to one’s soul,

with its sweet and melodious cadence.

It overthrows the slumbering ghoul,

reliving the untouched quintessence.


Sunday is made for you and me!

So we can all dance in glee!



© Copyright 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

It’s Friday!

Hello,my awesome friends!It’s now past  6 o’clock in the evening here in the Philippines.The rural town where I am is now covered with darkness.As the cold wind soothes my jaded physique,the sky starts to shower its blessings.

It’s really wintry!

Before the gloomy weather  steals my thoughts,I’m going to speckle some quotes for today.

So,here it is.

It’s Friday.

This week God has blessed us in so many ways.

He has opened doors and closed doors.

He has healed,protected,and taught us valuable lessons.

Let’s meditate on what He has done for us this week,

And use it as a fuel to keep moving forward.

Stay in love and blessed!



Message to my 1000+ Followers

Hello, dearest friends!

I’m truly overwhelmed with delight and gratitude today. I woke up to a 1000 follows on my blog, Lebana’s Journal. What a pleasant surprise!

This is certainly a splendid way of making me feel loved, my Lord. I could only utter the foremost words, Praise the Lord, Our God!

I won’t let the day pass without thanking each and everyone of you who have followed and supported my blog. Surely, I would like to send my kisses and hugs to all. Same appreciation goes to those who have liked, viewed, visited, and even gave their coolest and substantial feedbacks. Your words have moved and uplifted me in so many ways.

If you’re a regular visitor in my site, you might notice that I’m just a newbie in this endeavor. It was in July 16th, this year, when I joined the blogosphere. Blogging was a total stranger to me until I decided to try it. Back then, I couldn’t really dredge up what pushed me to create one, the last thing I knew was, I wanted my voice to be heard and the rest was history.

More often than not, I used to think that half of what I write here is just a claptrap. However, it gives me comfort when I realized that, at least they do not crumble in my head. Plus the fact that, someone from somewhere devotes his/her most treasured time reading my works. Again, thank you very much. I’m deeply humbled!

Lebana’s Journal will continue to serve its purpose of spreading good vibes and inspiration to everyone. I am writing to express not to impress and that makes me who I am.

May the good Lord continue to guide me as I traverse this trajectory.