What do you get from writing?

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Have you often heard this question? Well, since I was in college, I have been receiving that kind of question. Sometimes, I just wondered why they were so interested about my life and what I do. Incognizant of the benefits of writing, some of them purely thought that this diversion was a tedious one, and it wouldn’t bring any good to anyone.

Let us admit it. We are surrounded by these types of people, they may be our coworkers, friends, or even family members. Because of their common misconception about the said fad is, we are often called as “weird and waster”. It is somehow painful to learn that many are just scowling at our efforts so we have to accept the fact that we can’t really please everyone.

Here, I will share three things that I get from writing. This may resonate to you, or you may also come up with your short list after reading this.

1. Writing improves my vocabulary and communication skills.

English is my second language. Since I’m not a native speaker, I’ve been often struggling in expressing my arguments and thoughts due to vocabulary insufficiencies and insecurities. Confronted with that reality, I have started to improve myself through extensive reading, researching, and writing. Through a regular practice, one can really grow into a writer. I may not be an expert or sage in this field, but I’m so glad I can at least express my ideas without any worries.

2. Writing makes me free.

I am what I write. Based on my writings, you might have a closer hint of my personality. Honestly, I’m a moderately timid person, but of course, if you’ll start a conversation, I’ll surely join. What is good about writing is we’ll be able carve not only what we feel, but also those things we can’t confidently say aloud. Here, I’m neither afraid to be judged nor to be ignored. I am just being myself which makes me totally free.

3. Writing makes me smile.

We might have various reasons why we write, but our common denominator is we’re pleased in what we do. It’s somehow hard to accomplish something if you don’t really like it, right? In my case, I just feel happy every time I post something here, whether it is a short poem or a plain rumination. Aside from the views, comments, and likes I receive every day, knowing someone from the other parts of the world reads my work makes me more exhilarated and gratified.

How about you? What do you get from writing?

I’m excited to read them. God bless you!

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68 thoughts on “What do you get from writing?

    1. Yes! Writing is so therapeutic for me! I also like to write about my current events and emotions too so that when I look back on my writings in the future, my future self can read them and read about the good times from the past. I’m pretty I’ll forget everything that is happening now in 5-10 years. I call all of my writings my time capsule

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      1. I couldn’t agree more. This whole writing journey serves as the repository of our every day battles and thoughts. I’m certain that your future self would be so proud of what you’ve become.

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  1. Beautiful articulation.
    Writing has multiple advantages and certainly helps in all round pay and emotional growth of an individual. The more you express , more you interact, more you develop as a human.
    Stay blessed always

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    1. It is undeniably true!It allows me to rediscover myself and explore the multiple facets of life through it..Keep blessing the world with your talents,dear.


    1. Yeah..Only fools can really fathom why we really write😀. There’s no need to be distracted by them,let’s just use our voices to amplify our goals. Well, it’s now 10:14 PM here in my country..Have a blessed day/night where you are.

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  2. Writing helps me to know my ownself better.

    Writing helps me figure out about my day and my problems.

    Writing lets me be free..it helps me being honest to myself and world.

    Writing helps me being confident.

    Writing helps me in developing and holding an opinion.

    Writing helps me be happy…forget stress….be joyful.

    Writing means the world to me💟🌏

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    1. I can feel that we share the same views when it comes to writing. Hope you continue inspiring the world through your powerful poetry and stories. Let your words be their light in the midst of darkness. Go girl!
      Love, Lebana


  3. Writing makes me reflect on what’s important to me. Why do I like certain things? Why do I feel some activities are a waste of time? What makes some experiences richer than others? What friendships are the most rewarding/draining? In the end, writing helps me live my best life.

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    1. I love your views on writing especially the last line ‘writing helps me live my best life’.
      As your fellow blogger, I hope and pray that you continue sharing your wonderful ideas and experiences to the world so we can also learn and be inspired. Keep healthy.

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    1. We share the same feeling, dear. Every time I finish a piece or something, I can’t help but be amazed of what creative writing can do. That’s really a blessing.


  4. For me, writing is part of the process of digesting experience — it has other functions similar to the ones you describe, but digestion via writing is an important key for me to getting the most out of life.

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      1. Thank you for your beautiful comments, actually, I always want to show them who has done something great for society but not so popular ☺🌹💓God bless you.

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      2. Even the commonly neglected ones have powerful stories that we can all learn from. I have nothing but admiration to your causes..Keep sharing,girl.Good job.


  5. Hello, Thank you for liking one of my pictures of daft human behaviour. I too love writing and I’m addicted to words mind you I’ve been a professional writer for the best part of 30 years so I’ve had a lot of practice. :0)

    Keep up the good work.


    The Cat

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