Make every moment count

Greetings from the Philippines! I’ve been slumbering for quite some time so I’ve decided to craft a poem for all of you, friends. Thanks for reading, and I pray that you always find success and happiness in all your endeavors. Sending love and light to all!

Make Every Moment Count

Life is a series of random moments-

Those painful, blissful and surprising ones.

Sometimes, you are overwhelmed with sublime thoughts

Like changing the world and chasing rainbows.

There are times when it seems like you’re almost there,

But deep within you feel like you haven’t done a thing.

At times, you find pleasure in basking under the sun,

Watching the golden moon and glittering stars at night

While the cadence of the wind put you into a quiet sleep.

There are few instants when you are running out of luck,

And you think that the world conspires to make you suffer.

There are also nights when you can’t find your inner peace,

As if the demons are feasting inside your head.

There are rough moments when you just want to unchain yourself

From the manacles of physical and mental strains.

Sometimes, you realize that this is not the life you imagined,

And you begin to rebuke yourself for those wrong choices.

But life should not be lived in despair and regret, my friend.

Stand proud and firm for greater things are coming.

And while trudging through the storms and thunders therein,

Remember, you are born to conquer and win.

So, celebrate your life and make every moment count!

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© Lebana 2021

Anabel G. Raymundo

All Rights Reserved

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