Secret Love

Greetings from the Philippines!Thanks for checking in!I wish all of you a fabulous Saturday!Just enjoy the day and don't forget to speckle some positivity out there. I just wrote a very simple poem for today.Haha!Hope you like it, and thanks again for reading. Secret Love My friend, I love you with all my heart. I … Continue reading Secret Love

Live Today!

Greetings from the Philippines!Thanks for checking in! Hope you are all healthy and safe amidst the threats posed by COVID-19. Plagued with scribbled thoughts in mind,I decided to pen a simple poem on how to live life positively despite our losses and unwanted experiences. Hope you like this one. LIVE TODAY Each day is a … Continue reading Live Today!

Through Night and Day

Greetings from the Philippines!Thanks for checking in!Hope you are all enjoying the love and blessings you deserve as you come across this blog. To love and be loved is the most beautiful feeling we could ever feel in this world full of trials and despair.Love keeps you going when the world seems so unfair. It … Continue reading Through Night and Day

Lebana Speaks: You Owe Yourself

Face it. You owe yourself: The genuineness others might have taken from you, The innocence that once made you exultant, The confidence you never imbibed, The acceptance you might have deprived yourself, And the love you so freely give to other people.   It is not too late. Love yourself and bring back the real … Continue reading Lebana Speaks: You Owe Yourself

Enigma ( A 50-Word Story)

“Be my wife”, Vin nervously uttered. Dumbfounded, Janine’s response reverberated in the room. Everything was so perfect. He loved her as she loved him.  Their love story was envied by the townspeople. They exchanged their sweetest vows. Twenty-four hours later, she was found dead in their room, he was missing.   Copyright © 2018 Lebana’s … Continue reading Enigma ( A 50-Word Story)

What Love is Like

Love is like a cloud It holds a little rain You can stare at it before it evaporates   Love is like the sun It comes out of the clouds to warm your soul It hides every time To let the stars glimmer   Love is like the sky Watching over you From dawn to … Continue reading What Love is Like


We met down the boulevard, One tempestuous evening, It was too cold outside, So I hastily took a ride. He never asked my name, Yet I heard a familiar sound-- A pounding heart, I thought, And it irrefutably was. Our worlds collided copious times, Wherever I went, he emanated, His shades kept on hunting me. … Continue reading Serendipity

Lebana Speaks: Amidst Obscurity (My 100th Post)

Here I am all over again, entombed in the realm of obscurity Silent outcry is just vain, and desolation may cause insanity.   Will he come and protect me against the wretched curse of destiny? Please come and set me free, and we’ll both embrace immortality.   Now is the right time, my dear, while … Continue reading Lebana Speaks: Amidst Obscurity (My 100th Post)

Lebana Speaks: Love Under The Stars

I had a dream last night In my euphoric vision I was standing there under the golden moon and glittering stars   I was enjoying to watch the picture-perfect sky and listening to the melodious rhythm of the wind when suddenly, I heard a voice, a very familiar voice It was him, I thought, and … Continue reading Lebana Speaks: Love Under The Stars

Lebana Speaks: Does “forever” exist?

Hey lovelies! Since the word “forever’’ has been a boiling topic in my country, I’ve written my own interpretation of it. -Forever begins when we learn to accept and forgive- -Forever is a word converted into action- -Forever is not perfect; it is about giving each other unlimited chances in love- -Forever is possible if … Continue reading Lebana Speaks: Does “forever” exist?