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Lebana Speaks: Love Under The Stars

I had a dream last night

In my euphoric vision

I was standing there

under the golden moon and glittering stars


I was enjoying to watch the picture-perfect sky

and listening to the melodious rhythm of the wind

when suddenly, I heard a voice, a very familiar voice

It was him, I thought, and he really was


He ran near where I stood

And before I uttered the foremost words

He hugged and kissed me fervently

like it was our first, like we owned the universe


We then talked and laughed

We even hummed our favorite song

while dancing under the moonlight

Everything was just so fantastic


But before he left that night

he gently whispered these important words

“Always remember that I love you

 and I will see you again”


This dream makes me miss you more, my love.

I will definitely see you, not in my dreams but in reality.

Wait for me and together we’ll dance

under the stars.






/anabel raymundo/







Lebana Speaks: Does “forever” exist?

Hey lovelies! Since the word “forever’’ has been a boiling topic in my country, I’ve written my own interpretation of it.

Forever begins when we learn to accept and forgive-

Forever is a word converted into action-

Forever is not perfect; it is about giving each other unlimited chances in love-

Forever is possible if you’ll make it possible-

Forever is a dream while you are awake


I want to hear from you. Please enlighten me with your own version of “forever” through the comment section.

Thank you!







Lebana Speaks: Untold Poetry (A Sonnet)

As I hid in the bars of fate,

little voices tattled behind me.

Withering words ignited hate,

hence, freedom was a plea.

But when I wallowed in the grandeur of tales,

and succumbed in the glory of poetries,

those displeasures, frights, and gales

suddenly disappeared like reveries.

I then escaped from the realm of uncertainty,

which led me to the depths of fantasy.

There I found solace and serenity,

but it also took away my sanity.

Only a fool can fathom how I think.

Translate the odds before you blink.


© Lebana





Lebana is here!

HELLO, lovelies!  How’s everyone here?

I’ve been slumbering for quite some time and it literally feels like I’m new again in this community. I feel a little bit unhappy, really. I miss my followers and friends here. I wish I could write from time to time like before. As you all know, writing became my comrade and shield. It became my breather when I needed it. I have penned poems and short stories which depicted my ideals and dispositions. Ruminating, I can’t forget those childhood pieces which I shared in my first few months here. They were too personal but I mustered the courage of counting them in. OMG! Time has gone so fast. In fact, it has been four months since I penned something here. Honestly, I don’t know how and where I will start again after a long break. By the way, I would like to thank my followers for their unceasing support even though I don’t post that much. I’ve been so busy lately and will try to keep up now. I am just so excited to be reunited with all of you.