A Poem for Afghanistan

Greetings from the Philippines!

Distressed by the photos I have been seeing these days, I have penned a short poem for our Afghan brothers and sisters. Thanks for reading and I hope that you all continue to pray for them. Sending love and light to eveyone.


Born from a tumultuous history of upheavals-
Evolving through endless seasons of tyranny
You are forged to surmount any fiery trials-
To engrave your destiny and reclaim victory!

After twenty delightful years of peaceful slumber
You instantly succumb into the claws of bondage.
Those flourishing moments of liberty slowly wither
As the homeland transforms into a horrifying stage.

Time and time again, you are back on the limelight
After the Taliban forces instigate terrors far and wide.
As chaos looms, the people are enveloped with fright.
Courage slowly fades as hatred and dread coincide.

Thousands of Afghan families desert their households,
To ensure their safety from the clasp of the oppressors.
In the midst of mayhem,some remain in the thresholds,
While others run away from the shadows of the captors.

Even the innocent children are wounded in this conflict
After seeing the horrors of homelessness and carnage.
Those lovely smiles and melodious laughters constrict.
Their busy playgrounds have turned into a hostile cage.

When the political leaders and vicars forsake your nation,
The economy is jostled toward the periphery of collapse.
Taliban rulers have amplified their limits and infiltration
Leading to your disintegration and expanding gaps.

The end of this long- standing unrest may not be promised,
And the journey towards peace and freedom may be shady.
Remember that only God can bring you out from this crisis.
Cast all your anxieties on Him and keep your faith steady!

Photo by: Getty

All Rights Reserved

Lebana 2021

Anabel G. Raymundo

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34 thoughts on “A Poem for Afghanistan

  1. not even good enough to be just a sectarian rumble
    it is extremist jihadist religious intolerant and sexist bigots as well
    displacing and murdering hundreds of thousand s of native souls.

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      1. of course. my generic wish is just this. best wishes and highest hopes. but for me it is the guilt of why am i still alive when so many others whom have already died seemingly possess far more gifts to benefit our race. eh?

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    1. Now — look at that! You do know how to add pingbacks. Yes. I am pleased to see this. This is the courteous way to reblog words that belong to someone else. So happy for this code of conduct that benefits all involved. Thanks Nelsapy: You rock, Sir!! 💕 👏

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  2. Hello, Thank you so much for following my little blog. I hope that you like it and that it makes you laugh often.

    When I found out that you have followed me I raced over to your site to take a look, ok I didn’t race, it took several days, but in my defence the sun was shining and the windowsill was particularly comfy. However when I looked around you blog I loved it, nice work. I shall be here often.


    The Cat

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  3. It’s revolting to encountering misogynist , homophobic ,racist ,maniac , sexist religious fanatics to overtake a country on name of bs mythical stories ….thy r disseminating hatred because of ideological belief which needs to be culminated …those terrorist group are based on doctrine of religion ..we have to think ,do we need this disgusting dogma or not to survive , reducing perilous pain and enhancing quality of well being …pray to what ??..a imaginary friend who is not there ..just man made fables like all religion …it’s exceedingly appalling to witness it …don’t pray ,it’s not gonna work ..we have to try to educate PPL over there about Sharia and revolting fundamental of religion ..which says ” women’s slave of men ..half minded and have to wear hijab and many more ….if u r religious having cogitated this ..either one is ignorant or hasn’t walked through books and world religion s ramifications …vast indebtedness..get going and be smiling ,spreading and raising your voice as much as possible

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  4. I am joining forces and heartbeat with yours and I AM PRAYING. THANKS for sharing this.
    What’s happening over there is appalling— those poor people.
    Thanks for this awareness post.
    Be well, as well as you can and together let’s keep hope alive. I bless you.

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