A Poem for Afghanistan

Greetings from the Philippines! Distressed by the photos I have been seeing these days, I have penned a short poem for our Afghan brothers and sisters. Thanks for reading and I hope that you all continue to pray for them. Sending love and light to eveyone. A POEM FOR AFGHANISTAN Born from a tumultuous history … Continue reading A Poem for Afghanistan

I turned 30 today!

If you’re a consistent visitor in my site, you might have noticed that I wasn’t posting for a while. Well, like many of you, I just got so engrossed with my work and other related duties. Actually, I managed to check my blog in my spare times, yet I didn’t have the luxury of time … Continue reading I turned 30 today!


The ghoul lurked inside my frame, Dilapidating each part, bit by bit. Its venom exulted in my softness, As I shuddered in endless torment.   The body suffered and so the mind; Thoughts swiftly melted in the wind. Cognizance welcomed oblivion, While reveries turned to nightmares.   My crumbly heart shrieked in pain, It never … Continue reading UNWANTED Stranger

You are more than anything!

If you’re in a bad situation right now, remember these things. You are more than your ambitions. You are more than your insecurities. You are more than your uncertainties. You are more than your disappointments. You are more than your thoughts and words. You are more than anything in this world. You are beautiful. You … Continue reading You are more than anything!

A Poem For My Dad

Hello readers! We’ll be commemorating my father’s 15th death anniversary by tomorrow, September 21st. So, I crafted him a short poem. Hope he could read this from his resting place.                                                                                          A Poem for my Dad  While sitting moodily off into space, That glimpse plunges without a phrase.   The sound of squeals deafens me, … Continue reading A Poem For My Dad

You Matter

Even the smallest, weakest, most insignificant one, matters. -Rick Yancey-  In my recent post, I have shared some valuable things that one needs to know in life which I think many of you have already read. Overwhelmed, I felt the urgency of exploring on the topic with gusto and depth. How many of you have been … Continue reading You Matter

5 Things You Need to Know in Life

Life is not easy. At this age and time, I haven’t met or heard someone saying it is the other way around. We’ve all been there. Even the richest people in the world failed once or twice in their lives. Even the intellectuals suffered from despair and condemnation. Life is an unending cycle of learning … Continue reading 5 Things You Need to Know in Life