We have allowed ourselves to be captives for years,

Which brought us disenchantments and even tears,

And the endless quest for one’s love and recognition,

May only give us temporary pleasure not satisfaction.


We don’t live just to conform to the ideals of the world.

This is indeed an emerging truth that we have to hold.

We have to stop compromising our sense of individuality,

By freeing ourselves from the manacles of conformity.


We should be loved and accepted in spite of ourselves,

Recognizing our imperfections, worries, and intricacies.

Let us not prove ourselves just to get their attentions,

Show what we really have regardless of their affections.


Today is the perfect time to deviate ourselves from this rut.

Amidst uncertainties and disillusionments, let’s surely halt.

Let those unpromising days slightly vanish in the twilight,

Since the boundless possibilities are just right here in sight.


© Lebana 2018

Anabel G. Raymundo

All Rights Reserved.