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Saturday’s Madness

Hello, my dearest friends! It has been wintry in my place for several days. Oh! I just need a coffee now to oust my numbness.

So here I am lying in my bed, thinking if I can pull together my cluttered thoughts. Haha! Well, I have the whole day to figure things out. Thank you, Saturday! If you had a face, I would definitely kiss your cheeks.

For the meantime, here’s my haiku for you. I tried to describe rain in different intensities here.


Sparse drops of rain,

Don’t force you to take cover,

Sweet and gentle!


There’s a warm drizzle,

That spits while the sun gleams,

Mild and refreshing!


A hefty shower,

That’s espoused with a wind,

Ceaseless and intense!


Oh! I love the rain!

Whether trifling or thrilling,

It’s a gift from Him!


Wishing everyone a lovely and blessed weekend!

Stay awesome!








Haiku is Love


Haiku of the Day # 01

Burn the midnight oil.

Muddle your uncluttered thoughts.

That is how it works!

Haiku of the Day # 02

Learn from the past.

Revel on your present life.

Dream for the future.

Haiku of the Day # 03 

Love me or hate me.

Adore me or despise me.

Neither matters now!


Haiku  of the Day # 4

 I was once a child,

free from disillusionments.

Had I grown too fast?