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Sunday’s Outcry (Haiku)

Sunday comes too soon.

Here’s Monday saying HELLO.

Can you freeze the time?



Saturday’s Madness

Hello, my dearest friends! It has been wintry in my place for several days. Oh! I just need a coffee now to oust my numbness.

So here I am lying in my bed, thinking if I can pull together my cluttered thoughts. Haha! Well, I have the whole day to figure things out. Thank you, Saturday! If you had a face, I would definitely kiss your cheeks.

For the meantime, here’s my haiku for you. I tried to describe rain in different intensities here.


Sparse drops of rain,

Don’t force you to take cover,

Sweet and gentle!


There’s a warm drizzle,

That spits while the sun gleams,

Mild and refreshing!


A hefty shower,

That’s espoused with a wind,

Ceaseless and intense!


Oh! I love the rain!

Whether trifling or thrilling,

It’s a gift from Him!


Wishing everyone a lovely and blessed weekend!

Stay awesome!







Haiku is Love


Haiku of the Day # 01

Burn the midnight oil.

Muddle your uncluttered thoughts.

That is how it works!

Haiku of the Day # 02

Learn from the past.

Revel on your present life.

Dream for the future.

Haiku of the Day # 03 

Love me or hate me.

Adore me or despise me.

Neither matters now!


Haiku  of the Day # 4

 I was once a child,

free from disillusionments.

Had I grown too fast?