Ode to the Rain

Suppressed from the depths, Afar from the blazing fire, Shackles are now wrecked, Ready to intrude anytime.   As the lights efface briskly, Frigid air emanates slowly, Flamboyant shrieks drip, Kissing the earth’s shield.   Heft of clouds dissolve, As it pours from the sky, Unhurriedly but surely, Filling the world’s desire.   It softens … Continue reading Ode to the Rain

I’m a Pluviophile

I love the rain. I love how it mollifies my crumbling spirit, mind, and physique. I love how it softens the silhouette of things. I love how it overflows the lakes, rivers, and seas. I love how it kisses the flowers and leaves. I love how it satisfies the thirst of the earth. I love … Continue reading I’m a Pluviophile