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Thoughtful Thursday:Think before you Speak

Be kind.

Be gentle.

Think before you speak!



A Poem for Bloggers

In a realm where pandemonium subsists,

you intrepidly stand to provide armistice,

blowing away the impenetrable mists,

and embracing victory without a notice.


In a vast territory where darkness prowls,

you keenly arrive carrying your raging torch,

spreading the light and mollifying the howls,

driving humanity to the unbending porch.


In a world where you can’t blissfully respire,

you can do something to make a difference.

A humble act of writing can certainly inspire,

leading to the nation’s invincible quintessence.


You are all blessed with the gift of writing!

Just find it within you for an ethereal living!


Copyright © 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

All Rights Reserved


Sunday’s Sonnet

Sunday mollifies the dreary mind,

from the past monotonous days.

It permits the equable chasers find,

the land of temperate rays.


Sunday soothes the physique,

from the week’s strenuous task.

It unbends the infuriating oblique,

and unveils its impenetrable mask.


Sunday provides music to one’s soul,

with its sweet and melodious cadence.

It overthrows the slumbering ghoul,

reliving the untouched quintessence.


Sunday is made for you and me!

So we can all dance in glee!



© Copyright 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

15 English Questions and their Filipino Translations

An individual whose L1 is Filipino may find English as an easy language to learn because of a fairly close connection between the two languages. That is what I often hear. However, there are still exceptions to this. I have witnessed how we, Filipinos, struggle to learn English. It might be easy for some, but obviously not for all.

One of the chief reasons why I started blogging is to improve my communications skills especially in my L2. Now, I’m heading toward my 3rd month in the blogosphere, and I can say that I’ve become better. Honestly, I’m not really aiming for perfection though it’s a lovely word. The continuous quest for learning will definitely help me to be the best version of myself. And I think it resonates to you, my dearest friends.

As a way of giving back, I’ll be sharing some Filipino questions and their translations. I’m pretty sure that everyone would love to learn foreign words/sentences. You’ll need to learn these before heading to Philippines.


1. May I ask a question? Pwede ba ako magtanong?
2.  What time is it? Anong oras na?
3. Where should I ride? Saan ako sasakay?
4. Do you know where this place is? Alam mo ba kung saan ang lugar na ito?
5. How can/may I help you? Paano kita matutulungan?
6. Are you in a hurry? Nagmamadali  ka ba?
7. How can I get there? Paano ako makakarating doon?
8. Is she beautiful? Handsome? Maganda ba siya?Gwapo?
9. Where are you going? Saan ka pupunta?
10. May I talk to you? Pwede ba kitang makausap?
11. Do you love me? Mahal mo ba ako?
12. Are you serious? Seryoso ka ba?
13. Can you forgive me? Mapapatawad mo ba ako?
14. Can you help me? Matutulungan mo ba ako?
15. May I know your name? Pwede ko bang malaman ang pangalan mo?

These are just some of the basic questions you should know when you visit my country.

Please let me know through the comment section if you’re interested to learn more Filipino words.

Thank you so much!







Saturday’s Madness

Hello, my dearest friends! It has been wintry in my place for several days. Oh! I just need a coffee now to oust my numbness.

So here I am lying in my bed, thinking if I can pull together my cluttered thoughts. Haha! Well, I have the whole day to figure things out. Thank you, Saturday! If you had a face, I would definitely kiss your cheeks.

For the meantime, here’s my haiku for you. I tried to describe rain in different intensities here.


Sparse drops of rain,

Don’t force you to take cover,

Sweet and gentle!


There’s a warm drizzle,

That spits while the sun gleams,

Mild and refreshing!


A hefty shower,

That’s espoused with a wind,

Ceaseless and intense!


Oh! I love the rain!

Whether trifling or thrilling,

It’s a gift from Him!


Wishing everyone a lovely and blessed weekend!

Stay awesome!







It’s Friday!

Hello,my awesome friends!It’s now past  6 o’clock in the evening here in the Philippines.The rural town where I am is now covered with darkness.As the cold wind soothes my jaded physique,the sky starts to shower its blessings.

It’s really wintry!

Before the gloomy weather  steals my thoughts,I’m going to speckle some quotes for today.

So,here it is.

It’s Friday.

This week God has blessed us in so many ways.

He has opened doors and closed doors.

He has healed,protected,and taught us valuable lessons.

Let’s meditate on what He has done for us this week,

And use it as a fuel to keep moving forward.

Stay in love and blessed!