Two Important Things That You Need To Know

Hello friends! Thanks for checking in! Hope you all had a wonderful day! Life is not easy, let us admit it. Until this very day, I haven’t met or heard someone saying it is the other way around. We’ve all been there. Even the richest people in the world failed once or twice in their … Continue reading Two Important Things That You Need To Know

Real Friends Do Exist!

Before our destinies collided unpredictably, You were just an unadorned stranger to me. Never knew that our paths would cross shortly, In the right place and time we were fated to be.   It all started with brief and casual conversations, When we were still shy to speak our judgments. As days passed by, we … Continue reading Real Friends Do Exist!

Change Makes Us

It is true that change does exist, Right here and there, it persists. Ready or not it will just emanate, Neither too early nor too late. It comes when you least expect it, Like a thief in the dark, it won’t quit, Like the waves caress the shoreline, Or how he steals this heart of … Continue reading Change Makes Us

Disconnect to Connect!

With the advent of modern technology, Some automated services grew rapidly, Gadgets of different brands and types, Drove human race into senseless hypes.   Social media platforms have also thrived, Attracting millions of users all over the tribe. Virtual methods of communication existed, While growing disconnection was implanted.   Instead of having a real and … Continue reading Disconnect to Connect!

Never Quit!

When the days turned dark, And you can’t find your luck, Just wait for the sun to shine, Everything will soon be fine. When you failed in the war, And victory seemed so far, You should never ever doubt, Just remain firm in your bout. When mountains are too high, You may scowl and sigh, … Continue reading Never Quit!

Lebana Speaks:What is your “Hugot Line”?

Have you heard or read about “hugot lines”? Well, you can find a lot of  these in Twitter and Tumblr- even in accounts dedicated to roiling these quotes. So, what is Hugot? It is actually a Filipino slang word which refers to drawing emotions from somewhere deep within you…sort of like being emo. They are … Continue reading Lebana Speaks:What is your “Hugot Line”?

A Poem for Bloggers

In a realm where pandemonium subsists, you intrepidly stand to provide armistice, blowing away the impenetrable mists, and embracing victory without a notice.   In a vast territory where darkness prowls, you keenly arrive carrying your raging torch, spreading the light and mollifying the howls, driving humanity to the unbending porch.   In a world … Continue reading A Poem for Bloggers

Sunday’s Sonnet

Sunday mollifies the dreary mind, from the past monotonous days. It permits the equable chasers find, the land of temperate rays.   Sunday soothes the physique, from the week’s strenuous task. It unbends the infuriating oblique, and unveils its impenetrable mask.   Sunday provides music to one’s soul, with its sweet and melodious cadence. It … Continue reading Sunday’s Sonnet