Lebana Speaks: Love Under The Stars

I had a dream last night

In my euphoric vision

I was standing there

under the golden moon and glittering stars


I was enjoying to watch the picture-perfect sky

and listening to the melodious rhythm of the wind

when suddenly, I heard a voice, a very familiar voice

It was him, I thought, and he really was


He ran near where I stood

And before I uttered the foremost words

He hugged and kissed me fervently

like it was our first, like we owned the universe


We then talked and laughed

We even hummed our favorite song

while dancing under the moonlight

Everything was just so fantastic


But before he left that night

he gently whispered these important words

โ€œAlways remember that I love you

 and I will see you againโ€


This dream makes me miss you more, my love.

I will definitely see you, not in my dreams but in reality.

Wait for me and together weโ€™ll dance

under the stars.






/anabel raymundo/






33 thoughts on “Lebana Speaks: Love Under The Stars

  1. I so often struggle to place emotion in things that I write. I don’t think I’m a terrible writer, just that I’m better at researching and presenting facts than attempting to convey feelings and meaning with emotion. Hey, any writing is good eh! But I do envy your delivery here. I enjoyed this.

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    1. Actually,I have been experiencing the same thing.I’m just glad this one resonates to my readers.I’m sure you’re a brilliant writer as reflected in your writings.BTW,thank you so much for the kind words.Wishes!

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  2. For 26 years I had this dream. I heard she was dead, or married or both, and gave up on the possibility. I stayed with the dream. Then she called me, out of the blue. She needed an annulment of our marriage before she took her final vows to become a Catholic nun. I agreed to do whatever she needed if she would bring the papers to dinner. She came in her habit. Started to talk and eat, but our eyes connected the way they did before. We are married again. Two people truly in love. She is the inspiration for most of my writing and poetry. So hold on. You deserve your dream.

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    1. Your story proves that happy ending does exist.You might not had a smooth start,but everything ended the way you imagined it.I’m so happy that you hadn’t stopped holding on despite of what happened before.I can’t imagine how much love you had for her.And I really don’t wonder now where do you get your life and depth in writing.Thanks for sharing this.


  3. This is my dream too… under the stars alone with my love. Missing him and what could have been. I love the image of us under the beautiful star spangled heaven and our love safe and removed from the cares of the world. Just he and I, our hearts connected once again. ~โ™ก

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    1. I could feel your longing as it reverberates in your words.Just believe in the goodness of our creator for you will be together soon right under the glittering stars.


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