Lebana Speaks: Does “forever” exist?

Hey lovelies! Since the word “forever’’ has been a boiling topic in my country, I’ve written my own interpretation of it.

Forever begins when we learn to accept and forgive-

Forever is a word converted into action-

Forever is not perfect; it is about giving each other unlimited chances in love-

Forever is possible if you’ll make it possible-

Forever is a dream while you are awake


I want to hear from you. Please enlighten me with your own version of “forever” through the comment section.

Thank you!







49 thoughts on “Lebana Speaks: Does “forever” exist?

  1. Forever:
    The distance between today and the morrow.
    The relationship from joy to sorrow.
    The mood swings of the moment and the one yet to come
    The journey that never ends and will always become
    The forever moment you from moon to sun
    Its a only a moment but we know that time
    Is a joke sublime
    And we call that moment at times so clever

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      1. Forever is short if sweet and long if bitter. It depends on your choices, committments and decisions. Will you love and respect God? self? and others?
        Why is it a “boiling topic” in your country?

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      2. Filipinos are believed to be hopeless romantic.And we often debate if this really exists.I’m talking about “forever” in a relationship.Does it really exist?


      1. Understanding the concept of now isn’t about living in the moment as it is called it is accepting now is the always the place for action. Hence forever is active and forever is therefore now.

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  2. There is no forever!
    Just a never ending false hope to keep you believing..
    We can only see the end of how things begin, but it can not be forever..

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    1. Yieee!I’ve missed reading your beautiful comments..I’ve been a little busy these days so I wasn’t to check my blog from time to time.Hope you are doing good.


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