I Can’t Forget You (a poem)

Greetings from the Philippines! Thanks for checking in! May you find pleasure in reading this simple poem that I’m sharing with all of you. Thanks for reading and I hope and pray that you remain healthy and safe from the global threats that we’ve been facing for years. Let us celebrate our lives every day with hope and gratefulness in our hearts.

I Can’t Forget You

Here I am once again

Gazing down into the gaping abyss

Entombed in the memories of a lost love–

 A sublime poetry that forsook my heart.

You were my concord and my refuge–

My lighthouse in the middle of darkness.

You were the star that shone within me—

That kept me moving and twirling in glee.

My heart is so full of your reminiscences.

No minutes, days, and months have passed

That I haven’t desired to see your face,

 Feel the warmth of your embrace,

 Taste those lips pressed against mine,

And let your song resound in my ears.

Tell me, how can I forget you?

How can I live apart from you?

My mind wants to free from this idiocy,

But my heart deceives itself

For it speaks nothing but your name.

Louder and quicker as it may seem.

I will wait for you whatever it takes,

I will carry all the love that I have

From eons to sunsets to edges

Until you find your way back to me.

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Photo source: sublimeunison.com

All Rights Reserved.

© Lebana 2021

Anabel G. Raymundo

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