A Pen’s Outcry

I’ve been dwelling in this abyss, Unaccompanied and fragmented, Seclusion took away my gladness, And desolation became my friend.   Save me from this ill- fated curse! Touch me and feel my hollowness, Wait until those philosophies surge, Don’t let them dissolve in the crest.   Hold me tight and defy ambivalence! Carve what’s in … Continue reading A Pen’s Outcry

Lebana Speaks: Untold Poetry (A Sonnet)

As I hid in the bars of fate, little voices tattled behind me. Withering words ignited hate, hence, freedom was a plea. But when I wallowed in the grandeur of tales, and succumbed in the glory of poetries, those displeasures, frights, and gales suddenly disappeared like reveries. I then escaped from the realm of uncertainty, … Continue reading Lebana Speaks: Untold Poetry (A Sonnet)