What Love is Like

Love is like a cloud It holds a little rain You can stare at it before it evaporates   Love is like the sun It comes out of the clouds to warm your soul It hides every time To let the stars glimmer   Love is like the sky Watching over you From dawn to … Continue reading What Love is Like

Dear Twilight

When the twilight draws near, Illuminations slowly disappear. The sun gently sets in the west, As it plans for a short-term rest. Darkness emanates far and wide, Dwelling ascetically in the outside, Silhouettes define earth’s beauty, Calming the drained mind and body. Sunset makes me miss the light, Where hope is apparent in sight. But … Continue reading Dear Twilight

Life without Love

A life without love  is like sky without stars, like sleep without visions,           like mind without thoughts, like flower without scent, like sea without waves, like sun without gleams, like song without music, like bird without wings, like candle without flame, like face without smile, like ME without you! Copyright© … Continue reading Life without Love