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What Shall I Write?

What Shall I Write?

(Sonnet IV)

What shall I write in this world full of words?

This question often muddles my cognizance.

Long hours of discerning dissuades my moods.

So, whisper me your thoughts even in a trance.

Shall I write about the splendor of nature-

Its fecund landscape and verdant vegetation?

The lakes, rivers, and seas- unsoiled and pure!

Or marvel in the ethereal beauty of His creation?

Shall I write about the love story that I once had-

From the time it blossomed until it withered?

Perhaps no one can subtly narrate it even a bard

For it once made me scarred and fragmented.

 Shall I write over and over again?

Or let those thoughts crumble in pain?


Copyright © 2018

All Rights Reserved



A Poem for Bloggers

In a realm where pandemonium subsists,

you intrepidly stand to provide armistice,

blowing away the impenetrable mists,

and embracing victory without a notice.


In a vast territory where darkness prowls,

you keenly arrive carrying your raging torch,

spreading the light and mollifying the howls,

driving humanity to the unbending porch.


In a world where you can’t blissfully respire,

you can do something to make a difference.

A humble act of writing can certainly inspire,

leading to the nation’s invincible quintessence.


You are all blessed with the gift of writing!

Just find it within you for an ethereal living!


Copyright © 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

All Rights Reserved


Sunday’s Sonnet

Sunday mollifies the dreary mind,

from the past monotonous days.

It permits the equable chasers find,

the land of temperate rays.


Sunday soothes the physique,

from the week’s strenuous task.

It unbends the infuriating oblique,

and unveils its impenetrable mask.


Sunday provides music to one’s soul,

with its sweet and melodious cadence.

It overthrows the slumbering ghoul,

reliving the untouched quintessence.


Sunday is made for you and me!

So we can all dance in glee!



© Copyright 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo

A Sister’s Love

Hello readers! Today is my sister-in-law’s birthday so I crafted her a sonnet.

Happy Birthday, my dearest sister!



(A poem dedicated to Gardhen C. Raymundo-Claveria)


Shall I compare thee to a golden moon?

Thou art more glorious and radiant.

Even the gleaming stars croon,

When you gaze in an instant.


Shall I compare thee to an easterly wind?

Thou art more unfathomable and temperate,

blowing fairly from the bottomless rind,

enveloping your idiosyncratic fate.


Shall I compare thee to a flower?

Thou art more delicate and exquisite.

Even the bees made inimitably sober,

after sipping your sugary palate.


Shall I not compare thee to anything?

Thy beauty is ethereal and everlasting.


© Copyright 2017 Anabel Geneta-Raymundo