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Empower the Children

Verse 1

Are you visionless?

Have you not seen your children begging?

Are you deafened?

Have you not heard your children crying?

Are you voiceless?

Have you not spoken those words of healing?

Verse 2

Stop, look, and listen!

They need you more than anything!

Stand and do your part!

Before everything turns to nothing!


They need you, they need you!

Chorus 1:

Empower the children of the world.

Provide their basic needs and support.

Set healthy structures and relationships.

Develop consistencies and strategies.


Chorus 2

Empower the children of the world.

Show them your love and concern.

Lead them to the path of their dreams.

Help them become the best of what they can be.

Verse 3

Family size, availability, and maturity.

These things should be observed in building a family.

You can create a lovely and joyful home.

If you will only live up to your obligation.


Choose to become responsible parents!

Choose to produce children the world needs!

Empower the children of the world.

Empower the children of the world.




Life without Love

A life without love  is

like sky without stars,

like sleep without visions,

          like mind without thoughts,

like flower without scent,

like sea without waves,

like sun without gleams,

like song without music,

like bird without wings,

like candle without flame,

like face without smile,

like ME without you!

Copyright© 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo