Why do you Smile?

Why do you offer an enticing smile? This question muddles me for a while. Is it really because of love and affection, Or purely a part of a strategic deception?   Superficial smiles have surfaced the universe, Driving humanity into a meaningless craze, Distinguishing the realities from trickeries, Leads the tribe to the realm of … Continue reading Why do you Smile?

The Story of an Eccedentisiast- A SONNET

Once upon a time there was you and me. We were young and overflowing with affection. We had the best life and we both lived in glee. And everything stayed in an unadulterated unison.   You made me believe that forever is not only a word. That when two people work together, it will work. … Continue reading The Story of an Eccedentisiast- A SONNET