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A Blessed Saturday!

A beautiful life does not just happen,it is built daily by prayer,humanity,sacrifice,and love.

May that beautiful life be yours always.

Have a great Saturday everyone! 




It’s Friday!

Hello,my awesome friends!It’s now past  6 o’clock in the evening here in the Philippines.The rural town where I am is now covered with darkness.As the cold wind soothes my jaded physique,the sky starts to shower its blessings.

It’s really wintry!

Before the gloomy weather  steals my thoughts,I’m going to speckle some quotes for today.

So,here it is.

It’s Friday.

This week God has blessed us in so many ways.

He has opened doors and closed doors.

He has healed,protected,and taught us valuable lessons.

Let’s meditate on what He has done for us this week,

And use it as a fuel to keep moving forward.

Stay in love and blessed!



Smile More

A smile can hide so many feelings. Fear,sadness, heartbreak…But it also shows one another thing, strength.

If you will be questioning about who she is, I don’t know her either. I was about to write my views about climate change yet I ended up awed by the photograph of this cute little girl. I was stunned with how innocent and amusing her smile was. It seemed that her eyes have a life of its own, inviting me to see what was inside her soul. Enthralled by her innocent yet sweet simper, musings began to cross my mind.

When was the last time have you seen a genuine smile? There were just few, I guess. Superficial smiles have surfaced the universe and it excludes no one. Humans have high regards toward social expectations and standards. It feels distressing to know that most people just live to conform to the standards of the world trying to please everyone. Distinguishing realities from deceptions is almost difficult. A warm and inviting smile can be tricky, clueless, and meaningless.

On the contrary, smiling is also an expression denoting pleasure, cordiality, happiness, joy and amusement. When a person smiles, it invites a positive energy to the person she smiled at. It is contagious in nature. It calms the body, mind and spirit. These simple gestures may be hollow to others, but for me it is significant and desirable. Smiling is not just pleasing others, it is showing who you are as a  person. This humble act means something especially to the confused and oppressed. Whatever trials we encounter right now, remember, we can still beam to show the world that we have the strength coupled with optimism to pass the tests of life. We have to believe that God doesn’t give us any trial beyond our capacity, when faced with mishaps, he will give us the power to endure it and eventually leads us to our way out.


Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

-Mother Teresa-



-anabel geneta-raymundo-