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Lost Haven (Tanka of the Day)

I found my concord

in the earth’s perfect dwelling.

Highland’s massive rocks,

seamless and frosty waters

restored my lucidity.



February, 2018



The Story of an Eccedentisiast- A SONNET

Once upon a time there was you and me.

We were young and overflowing with affection.

We had the best life and we both lived in glee.

And everything stayed in an unadulterated unison.


You made me believe that forever is not only a word.

That when two people work together, it will work.

That nothing and no one can stop them even a sword.

That all birds have beautiful melodies even a stork.


But like any heartbreaking movie or story I hate to see.

Our then sweet beginning resulted to a bitter ending.

You were no longer happy with me, so I set you free.

Even it was excruciating inside, even I felt like dying.


You made me an eccedentisiast, my dear.

Smiling unpretentiously is now my fear.



Copyright © 2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo


I’m a Pluviophile

I love the rain.

I love how it mollifies

my crumbling spirit,

mind, and physique.

I love how it softens

the silhouette of things.

I love how it overflows

the lakes, rivers, and seas.

I love how it kisses

the flowers and leaves.

I love how it satisfies

the thirst of the earth.

I love how it washes away

my uncertainties and fears.

I love how it gratifies

my yearnings and hollowness.

I simply love how it pours

just like your love, my dear!

Let me bathe in the rain!


Copyright ©  2017

Anabel Geneta-Raymundo




Thoughtful Thursday:Lord, Teach us to be Humble

Let us not be afraid to be humble,small

 and helpless to prove our love for God.

The cup of water you give the sick,

the way you lift a dying man,

the way you feed a baby,

the way you teach a dull child,

the way you give medicine to a sufferer of leprosy,

the joy with which you smile at your own at home

-all this is God’s love in the world today.

-Mother Teresa-

May we all find joy in humility!