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You’re blessed to find

the one who lures your soul.

Even the blue is blurred,

and the stars are myriad

He surprisingly sees you!


Lebana’s Tanka

Copyright © 2017




Lebana’s Tanka

Tanka #01

Hold my hand tightly,

as my heart pounds jauntily.

We’ll reach for the stars

and we’ll climb the highest hill.

Oh! It’s just a reverie!


Tanka # 02


Look into my eyes,

ponder on what is inside.

Have you seen that glimpse?

We are living the best life.

Oh! It’s just a reverie!


Tanka #03

Listen as I speak,

uttering the foremost words,

with qualms and delight.

Then, you replied certainly.

Oh! It’s just a reverie!


Tanka #04


You lighted my path,

when I was lost in the dark.

You comforted me,

when I was crumbling in pain.

Oh! It’s just a reverie!