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All the Words are YOURS (Friday’s Tanka)

All the words are yours.

You have the rule over them.

Do not be anxious.

Spread positivity.

Rebuild the world with your words.



Keep writing!



Anabel Raymundo





Lebana’s Tanka

Tanka #01

Hold my hand tightly,

as my heart pounds jauntily.

We’ll reach for the stars

and we’ll climb the highest hill.

Oh! It’s just a reverie!


Tanka # 02


Look into my eyes,

ponder on what is inside.

Have you seen that glimpse?

We are living the best life.

Oh! It’s just a reverie!


Tanka #03

Listen as I speak,

uttering the foremost words,

with qualms and delight.

Then, you replied certainly.

Oh! It’s just a reverie!


Tanka #04


You lighted my path,

when I was lost in the dark.

You comforted me,

when I was crumbling in pain.

Oh! It’s just a reverie!