Lebana Speaks:Why Should I Write?

Why should I write again?  This clamor muddled my mind. What would I really gain? Retorts were still unkind.   I have penned many ruminations, those scribbled and mundane. Some were merely imaginations, which could all make me insane.   So I rummaged far and wide, But alas, no ripostes can be found. Obscurity never … Continue reading Lebana Speaks:Why Should I Write?

Lebana Speaks: Amidst Obscurity (My 100th Post)

Here I am all over again, entombed in the realm of obscurity Silent outcry is just vain, and desolation may cause insanity.   Will he come and protect me against the wretched curse of destiny? Please come and set me free, and we’ll both embrace immortality.   Now is the right time, my dear, while … Continue reading Lebana Speaks: Amidst Obscurity (My 100th Post)

Sunday’s Sonnet

Sunday mollifies the dreary mind, from the past monotonous days. It permits the equable chasers find, the land of temperate rays.   Sunday soothes the physique, from the week’s strenuous task. It unbends the infuriating oblique, and unveils its impenetrable mask.   Sunday provides music to one’s soul, with its sweet and melodious cadence. It … Continue reading Sunday’s Sonnet