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​Here comes September, my birth month. Just can’t believe that I’ll be turning 29 in roughly two weeks. Time has really sailed so fast and as I contemplate about life, I realize that it is packed with twists and turns, ups and downs, joys and sorrows. Despite the fact that life doesn’t always favor on my side, I’m still up for more hitches and adventures.

  I listed here things that I certainly learned from my 29 years in the planet. Well, I honestly think that these will resonate with you or perhaps you could make your own list.

  1. It is easier to forgive than to forget. We may forgive someone who hurts us easily but forgetting is a different thing. Once we’re hurt, the negative feeling starts to consume us, it continues to haunt us even in our dreams. We can’t run from it and as they say, only time cures all wounds.
  2. God doesn’t give us trials beyond our capacity. Our lives here on Earth are coupled by trials and burdens. But the truth is, God wants us to pass the tests of life. When faced with mishaps, He’ll give us the power and the strength to endure them, eventually leads us to our way out.
  3. Time is always equated with love. Time is priceless. We only spend it with the persons who truly matter to us. If a person spends time with you, surely, you have a special place in his/her life.
  4. We don’t always get what we want instantly. Everything requires time and effort; it is a fact that we have to consider. Do your best and God will do the rest, as they say. You’ll have it, just learn how to wait.
  5. Love yourself first. When you are in loved, sometimes you easily give everything and forget yourself instantly. You are too overwhelmed by that feeling which often leads you to a serious problem. That’s not fair, you’ll be able to love and give more if you first love yourself.
  6. Identify your purpose. I have realized that it is necessary to identify our “purpose” in doing something. Knowing one’s why is an important step in figuring out how we achieve our dreams and goals. These things will stimulate us and guide us to create a life that is worth living.
  7. If you love the person, don’t change the person. Let us love them for who they are, not as we want them to be. It’s hard but love requires more acceptance and sacrifice. Let’s just pray that our love will transform them to be better persons as we always dream.
  8. Don’t just dream, chase it. It is not only enough that you aim for something. Don’t let your dream be only a dream. You have to strive harder so you can hit your goal.
  9. Be who you are. Whatever happens, no one can define you except yourself. The world may be tough, it is true, and you should not live just to conform to the standards of this society. You are who you are. Nobody knows you better than yourself. You should love and be loved for who you are, not as others want you to be.
  10. Writing (Blogging) is a form of therapy. This is true for some of us. This allows us to share our inner thoughts even our deepest desires without anticipations. Oddly, we feel better when we are able to translate our thoughts into words.

How about you? Have you already figured out those things that life taught you?         Please feel free to share it here.I would be glad to read your versions.


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