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“The root of joy is gratefulness” 

David Steindl-Rast

According to Dr. Flo, “Gratitude is a seed that multiplies once planted”. It grows and leads to transformation. I am deeply moved by its power that reaches the soul and beyond.

At this early point in my blogging career, I find it strange that I draw so much attention from the much amazing bloggers out there. I may sound cocky this way. But no. I’m just too grateful.

Honestly, I should have posted this yesterday after seeing that comment from a fellow blogger. As you might know, my blog-Lebana’s Journal– was included in the list of Heartsinink’s Five Most Favorite Bloggers. She is a new blogger who aspires to become the best version of herself through her genuine expression and creative imagination.

I am human as I am a warrior– this is her tagline.

 Since she started with her amazing blog, this lady never fails to show her continuous support and admiration to some hopeful bloggers including me. She’s always on the point and ever ready to speckle her most colorful and uplifting comments.

Oddly, I didn’t expect this kind of acknowledgement from her. This is too much.  She’s really sweet and adorable. A woman like her is like a gem, rare and hard to find. That’s why I’m eagerly inviting all of my friends/followers to check out her blog. You’ll never go wrong with this one.

Although I mentioned in my recent post that I am writing not to impress but to express, I couldn’t hide the exhilaration knowing that someone recognizes my work. As I look at it, I think that true recognition follows when you put your heart into doing something. And when everything turns smoothly, you should give the credit to those who truly deserve it.


This short post is actually intended for Heartsinink and to all of you who keep on supporting and believing in me. I have a lot of reasons to be happy and grateful today, one of them is YOU!

Thank you!


-Anabel Geneta-Raymundo-




We can be an Altruist           

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” Samuel Johnson

Some people say that there’s no such thing as altruistic acts-that every time we do good to others, we get something in return, even it’s just a fuzzy feeling.

For weeks, I’ m baffled with this question in my head. Does altruism exist? Is it really possible to give without expecting things in exchange?

We’ve all been there. You give your sister or brother a monetary support, thus, expecting her or him to perform better in school. You cover for your coworker because you know you’ll be needing his assistance later. You help your friend to be promoted in the job, and then feel enraged when he doesn’t show any support when you need it. You even give your best efforts to someone, and eventually feel mistreated when not reciprocated.

I’ve utterly realized that these expectations cause more disappointments than elation. Recently, I’ve been asking myself “What is my motive” before I do something to others. The answer I find, flashy as it may sound, is to feel good and spread love. Unconventionally, when I expect less, I get more, somehow.

I’ve listed down ten things you can do to show you care without expecting the recipient to return the benevolence. Actually, few were based on Ms. Lori Deschene’s “20 Ways to Give Without Expectations”. Maybe, some of these will resonate with you or perhaps you’ll need to write your own list to spur the spirit of charity without anticipations.

  1. Ask, “What Can I do to help you today?” Then let it go after following through.
  2. Spare some money to someone who needs it and then pretend you never had it.
  3. Let someone share a story without the need to tell your own. Your sincerest attention will mean a lot.
  4. Comfort someone who is struggling in a hard-hitting situation. This will uplift his/her emotional condition.
  5. Forgive someone who wronged you because you understand them, not because you know they will owe you.
  6. Tell someone you believe in their potential, even if they haven’t always shown the same support.
  7. Leave a solicitous comment on someone’s blog, not to build your readership, but to show them how much they motivated you.
  8. Hold someone’s hand when they feel vulnerable to let them know you haven’t judged them.
  9. Change plans for someone you love, this will hoist their self-worth.
  10. I’ve left this one open for you to write. How do you give just to show you care?

Let’s face it: none of us is always kind. Human nature dictates that we need to at least get something from all the efforts that we give. And I think that’s acceptable, as long as we make an exertion to do something good whenever possible.

Being altruistic is showing a desire to help other people unselfishly, and that should be practiced once in a while. I believe that we are born with that innate capacity to share what we have altruistically, and we just need to find it within us.

-anabel-geneta raymund0-