Dear Ana

Hello lovelies! I hope you are all in a good shape, sound mind and spirit amidst the threats posed by COVID-19. Well, just a few days ago, my nephew, who just graduated from senior high school, asked me to pen a poem for his ultimate love named Ana. A high school love!Haha! I hope that … Continue reading Dear Ana


HELLO, lovelies! How’s everyone so far? I’ve been slumbering for years, literally speaking, and it feels like I’m new again in this community. Just pondering, do I still have a spot here? Well, this is for me to figure out in the coming days and months. Seriously, I miss my followers and friends here whom … Continue reading YES, I’M BACK

I turned 30 today!

If you’re a consistent visitor in my site, you might have noticed that I wasn’t posting for a while. Well, like many of you, I just got so engrossed with my work and other related duties. Actually, I managed to check my blog in my spare times, yet I didn’t have the luxury of time … Continue reading I turned 30 today!

Lebana Speaks: You are born to be a Star

For a  star to be born, atoms of light elements are squeezed under enough pressure for their nuclei to undergo fusion. All stars undergo compression and collapsibility. So constrict. Crumble. Disfigure. This is not your loss, but your birth. Lebana's Journal Anabel Raymundo 

Lebana Speaks: Say Thank You

When was the last time you said ''thank you"? Sometimes we forget to thank those people who make us happy in so many ways. Sometimes we forget to tell them how much do we really appreciate them for being there in our lives. Seize this moment for those whom you owed these magic words. And … Continue reading Lebana Speaks: Say Thank You