Less and More

Frown less.

Laugh more.

Complain less.

Encourage more.

Plan less.

Work more.

Hate less.

Love more.

Worry less.

Hope more.

Doubt less.

Believe more.

Expect less.

Give more.

Argue less.

Understand more.

Stress less.

Live more.




I’m lying soundlessly here in my bed,
Thinking of the bizarre things you said.
Haplessly stuck in this useless rumination,
Oh, it will be healthier to take a vacation,

Why did you baffle my mind like this?
Why did you not just hug me and kiss?
Why did you not choose to say sorry?
You just blocked my mind with worry.

Oh, I’ll just let my mind and heart croon,
Just come home and be with me soon!
I may hate and forget you!
But inside I still love you!



I Dare You to Figure Me Out