5 Things You Need to Know in Life

Life is not easy. At this age and time, I haven’t met or heard someone saying it is the other way around.

We’ve all been there. Even the richest people in the world failed once or twice in their lives. Even the intellectuals suffered from despair and condemnation.

Life is an unending cycle of learning and relearning things. It is composed of twists and hitches that one needs to defeat.

As we see it, it is never perfect. However, we should never disregard this principle: Live life the way it should be lived.

I’m not a sage nor an expert. But I have this assenting view towards life. I have shared here 5 most important things you need to probably rediscover about life.

You may disagree with some of these but please give it a shot first. If it makes you better and happier, apply it. If you think it doesn’t do any good, throw it away.

So here it goes……

  1. Trust yourself.

You are living in a world where you are bombarded with how inadequate you are. You’ve seen in the news how another 19 year old created a software that some giant company bought for a frigging $1 billion. Then you look at yourself and feeling disgruntled for not doing the same.

Because you feel you don’t have enough knowledge, you go out trying to get more skills and competencies. But then, when you already acquire those, you realize you are still inadequate.

This is not because you lack anything or what. It is because you don’t have resourcefulness, the feeling and confidence within you. It requires to show that you can take care of things, that no matter how bad the situation is, you will overcome it. Just learn to trust yourself.

  1. Learn to ask the Right questions.

When I was younger, my parents would punish me for not knowing the right answers in my assignments, tests and activities. Of course, the same is true with my former teachers. They wanted me to get the correct answers instantly.

As I grew up, I discovered that knowing the correct answers wouldn’t give me anything. But the right questions would.

Why asking questions is better than knowing answers?

If you ask the right questions the more likely you get a good answer. If you think you have the answer then this thought will limit your ability to find a better answer.

Undoubtedly, questions help you clarify things in your mind. The better questions you ask, the better your answers will become.

  1. Practice the 20-Minute Rule.

This rule will completely change the way you think about doing and learning things. Even if you’ve never been able to learn a skill before, following this rule will help you learn that skill in 30 days or less.

What is the 20 Minute Rule?

The rule is this: Whatever you want to learn, practice it 20 minutes in the morning right after you wake up and another 20 minutes before you go to sleep.

This is essential. By spending the 20 minutes after you wake up, your brain will be at freshest and will be able to assimilate the lesson quickly. However, the 20 minutes before you sleep at night is more important.

During sleep, your brain starts to accumulate all the things you’ve learned in the day. New connections are made in the brain which supports learning.

There is a saying about the brain, “Neurons that fire together, wire together”. As you practice, the pathways get created. The process is called myelination. Myelin is a chemical in the brain that is used to connect neurons together.

The more you practice, the more myelin gets laid down, the easier it is to practice. This is a virtuous cycle that gets established.

The more you expose yourselves, the more likely you become skillful.

  1. Think Accurately.

The ability to see things as they are and not as you “think” they are is probably one of the best things you will learn in life.

Most people don’t have this ability. They think they do, but they actually don’t.

What is accurate thinking?

Accurate thinking is being able distinguish facts from opinions. Whenever someone talks to you, they will share their opinions, speckled by facts. Not facts, speckled by opinions.

Your job is to distinguish facts from opinions. You must determine also if it is an important fact or useless fact. If it is an important fact, use it. If it is not, forget about it.

Make your decisions based on facts that you collect from a number of resources.

Just remember a quote from Dead pool. “Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and everyone thinks everyone else’s stink.”

Focus on finding facts from the opinions and you will be successful.

  1. You matter than you think.

When I was 25, I had that fatal experience.

Strangely, my right foot had swollen without any knowledge of its cause. I went to the doctor to be checked and he said I suffered from cellulitis. It is a kind of cell infection which I might have gotten from insect bites. Then I was advised to take some medicines for a week, but it didn’t do any better.

My condition became even worse and that made me disheartened for days. I couldn’t eat nor sleep. Everything turned darker. The following day I was rushed in the hospital.

As I was resting in bed, I realized one thing. I didn’t want to die. Not this time.

The doctor clearly explained my condition. It was no longer about my swollen foot, I had that severe gastrointestinal problem. He further said that I was nearly dehydrated when I was rushed in. The situation could have been a lot worst if I weren’t brought earlier.

I realized then, just for that split moment. I mattered.

It was one of the valuable lessons I learned in life. I matter. It matters that I live. It matters that I do the things I want to do.

In this same light, I want to share it with you: You matter. Don’t wait for that fatal experience for you to understand how important you are.

Even if no one else cares, no one else recognizes you. You matter.

Sometimes the world will let you feel how incompetent and worthless you are. This might be the time when you’re thinking about jumping in front of a bus or shooting your head by a gun.

Don’t do that. You matter. It matters that people see your abilities.

It matters that you share your gifts to the world. You might be seeing your potentials just yet, but they are brilliant and surprising.

Let the world see them because you matter.


© Anabel Geneta-Raymundo




Message to my 500+ Followers


I wish everyone a good day.

As you all know, my blog is just seven weeks old. It was in the 16th of July this year when Lebana’s Journal was introduced in the WordPress community. Blogging was a total stranger to me until that very moment. Back then, I couldn’t really dredge up what pushed me to create one, the last thing I knew was, I wanted my voice to be heard and the rest was history.

Today marks a special day for me .Lebana’s Journal just hits 500 follows in a short period of time. Well, that’s for me. Of course, I won’t let the day pass without thanking each and everyone of you who have followed and supported my blog. Surely, I would like to send my kisses and hugs to all. Same appreciation goes to those who have liked, viewed, visited, and even commented on my posts. Your words have moved me to be better than I was.

More often than not, I used to think that half of what I write here is garbage. However, it gives me comfort when I realized that at least they do not decompose in my head. Plus the fact that, someone from somewhere devotes his/her most treasured time reading my articles. Again, thank you very much.

Lebanas’ Journal will continue to serve its purpose of spreading good vibes and inspiration to everyone. I am writing to express not to impress and that makes a difference.


-Anabel Geneta-Raymundo-






​Here comes September, my birth month. Just can’t believe that I’ll be turning 29 in roughly two weeks. Time has really sailed so fast and as I contemplate about life, I realize that it is packed with twists and turns, ups and downs, joys and sorrows. Despite the fact that life doesn’t always favor on my side, I’m still up for more hitches and adventures.

  I listed here things that I certainly learned from my 29 years in the planet. Well, I honestly think that these will resonate with you or perhaps you could make your own list.

  1. It is easier to forgive than to forget. We may forgive someone who hurts us easily but forgetting is a different thing. Once we’re hurt, the negative feeling starts to consume us, it continues to haunt us even in our dreams. We can’t run from it and as they say, only time cures all wounds.
  2. God doesn’t give us trials beyond our capacity. Our lives here on Earth are coupled by trials and burdens. But the truth is, God wants us to pass the tests of life. When faced with mishaps, He’ll give us the power and the strength to endure them, eventually leads us to our way out.
  3. Time is always equated with love. Time is priceless. We only spend it with the persons who truly matter to us. If a person spends time with you, surely, you have a special place in his/her life.
  4. We don’t always get what we want instantly. Everything requires time and effort; it is a fact that we have to consider. Do your best and God will do the rest, as they say. You’ll have it, just learn how to wait.
  5. Love yourself first. When you are in loved, sometimes you easily give everything and forget yourself instantly. You are too overwhelmed by that feeling which often leads you to a serious problem. That’s not fair, you’ll be able to love and give more if you first love yourself.
  6. Identify your purpose. I have realized that it is necessary to identify our “purpose” in doing something. Knowing one’s why is an important step in figuring out how we achieve our dreams and goals. These things will stimulate us and guide us to create a life that is worth living.
  7. If you love the person, don’t change the person. Let us love them for who they are, not as we want them to be. It’s hard but love requires more acceptance and sacrifice. Let’s just pray that our love will transform them to be better persons as we always dream.
  8. Don’t just dream, chase it. It is not only enough that you aim for something. Don’t let your dream be only a dream. You have to strive harder so you can hit your goal.
  9. Be who you are. Whatever happens, no one can define you except yourself. The world may be tough, it is true, and you should not live just to conform to the standards of this society. You are who you are. Nobody knows you better than yourself. You should love and be loved for who you are, not as others want you to be.
  10. Writing (Blogging) is a form of therapy. This is true for some of us. This allows us to share our inner thoughts even our deepest desires without anticipations. Oddly, we feel better when we are able to translate our thoughts into words.

How about you? Have you already figured out those things that life taught you?         Please feel free to share it here.I would be glad to read your versions.


© Anabel Geneta-Raymundo 2017



We can be an Altruist           

“The true measure of a man is how he treats someone who can do him absolutely no good.” Samuel Johnson

Some people say that there’s no such thing as altruistic acts-that every time we do good to others, we get something in return, even it’s just a fuzzy feeling.

For weeks, I’ m baffled with this question in my head. Does altruism exist? Is it really possible to give without expecting things in exchange?

We’ve all been there. You give your sister or brother a monetary support, thus, expecting her or him to perform better in school. You cover for your coworker because you know you’ll be needing his assistance later. You help your friend to be promoted in the job, and then feel enraged when he doesn’t show any support when you need it. You even give your best efforts to someone, and eventually feel mistreated when not reciprocated.

I’ve utterly realized that these expectations cause more disappointments than elation. Recently, I’ve been asking myself “What is my motive” before I do something to others. The answer I find, flashy as it may sound, is to feel good and spread love. Unconventionally, when I expect less, I get more, somehow.

I’ve listed down ten things you can do to show you care without expecting the recipient to return the benevolence. Actually, few were based on Ms. Lori Deschene’s “20 Ways to Give Without Expectations”. Maybe, some of these will resonate with you or perhaps you’ll need to write your own list to spur the spirit of charity without anticipations.

  1. Ask, “What Can I do to help you today?” Then let it go after following through.
  2. Spare some money to someone who needs it and then pretend you never had it.
  3. Let someone share a story without the need to tell your own. Your sincerest attention will mean a lot.
  4. Comfort someone who is struggling in a hard-hitting situation. This will uplift his/her emotional condition.
  5. Forgive someone who wronged you because you understand them, not because you know they will owe you.
  6. Tell someone you believe in their potential, even if they haven’t always shown the same support.
  7. Leave a solicitous comment on someone’s blog, not to build your readership, but to show them how much they motivated you.
  8. Hold someone’s hand when they feel vulnerable to let them know you haven’t judged them.
  9. Change plans for someone you love, this will hoist their self-worth.
  10. I’ve left this one open for you to write. How do you give just to show you care?

Let’s face it: none of us is always kind. Human nature dictates that we need to at least get something from all the efforts that we give. And I think that’s acceptable, as long as we make an exertion to do something good whenever possible.

Being altruistic is showing a desire to help other people unselfishly, and that should be practiced once in a while. I believe that we are born with that innate capacity to share what we have altruistically, and we just need to find it within us.

-anabel-geneta raymund0-


Finding my “Why”

“He who has a why can endure any how”- Frederick Nietzsche

For weeks, I was in turmoil. I couldn’t understand myself including the people around me. Extremely, I got easily exasperated and fed-up with things I regularly do. I even started to question things which I haven’t asked lately. Mental strains were categorically on the loop. In the midst of confusions, I just sat wordlessly, listening to my inner voice.

Discerning, I realized how stuck I was in the past. I would need to let go and move on so I could be released from this rut.  I was plagued with queries until I read the article of Margie Warell which was entitled “Do You Know Your Why”. The message was straight. I needed to revisit my purpose so I could live a life free from reservations that held me back for years.

According to German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche, “He who has a why can endure any how”. Knowing one’s why is an important step in figuring out how we achieve our dreams and goals. These things will stimulate us and guide us to create a life that is worth living. Certainly, only when we know our “why” will we find the courage to continue on our journey. A clear sense of purpose enables us to focus our efforts on what matters most, compelling us to take risks and push forward regardless of the odds and obstacles. We have to stay enthused when the chips are down, and brace ourselves onto an entirely new, more challenging, and more rewarding trajectory.

Childhood’s Rumination

While sitting here on the bench and staring moodily off into space, old memories begin to plummet in my head.

Twenty two years ago, I was six years old then, I could copiously remember what kind of life we had. We resided in the small barrio of Naujan, the biggest town in the province consisting of roughly 70 barangays. 

To make a living, dwellers had to plow their fields and plant various crops such as corn, rice and fruit-bearing trees. Life was not easy then, my father was a typical farmer, a tenant of a little four-hectare parcel. And my mother, a plain housewife busying herself in the different household chores and other farming duties which was unusual for a woman of her age. I salute my mom for doing manly tasks beyond her strength just to abridge the situation. 

Confronted with the nasty realities of life, making both ends meet was nearly possible.We never owned a house even a smaller one by that time. However, we were asked to inhabit the emptied house which was owned by my father’s landlord. They were sympathetic enough to offer one of their houses that they had been using for quite sometime. It was built with essentially ingenious architectural design probably around 1960. The owner had soon moved to Manila due to subjective and business affiliations so it just served as their rest house. 

Every summer, they had been spending their vacation in the old house probably to escape from the demanding schedules and punishing atmosphere of the city. We were then delegated to look after their most valued possession, their ancentral home. In fact, they even compensated us for using and maintaining the house. What a luck then.

Growing up, that house had become our home and fortress. I and my older brother, Gary (the one I’m next to) were born here, we’ d almost spent half our lives here, computationally speaking. It was a two-storey house with four large bedrooms, drawn-out balcony, and a living room. It was surrounded by towering palm trees which almost covered the entire house. 

The vegetation cover around the area made the atmosphere more nonchalant and fascinating. I could still reminisce how beautiful it was during our early years there. My brothers and I used to play hide and seek in the expansive front yard, sadly, we neither had playmates nor neighbors to play or talk with. The house unimaginatively stood amidst the barren fields facing the east.

I’d loved staying in the balcony, savoring the fascinating view while discerning about the richness and nothingness of life. Gigantic trees, immense rice and corn fields and not so lofty mountains from far-off were the distinctive features I’d relentlessly seen from where I stood.

Either, I couldn’t forget the fact that we had to eat our dinners as early as six o’clock in the evening, it was well-practiced in the province actually, I’d to ask then why it was so and my parents would tell me that we should eat early so we could sleep early and be fully prepared for the next day’s drudgery. “Early bird catches the early worm”, perhaps that was their motto and I eventually tailed it.

As we’d been often doing, before sleeping we would listen to some adventurous and ghost stories in the radio, I couldn’t forget the epic story of Negra Bandida , a woman of strength and fortitude who madly fights against the injustices and cruelty they experience from the tyrants. Looking back, I couldn’t help but to mimic the sounds from the radio drama we’d loved to listen to, “ haahh pakatik pakatik yaahh…hahhh.. pakatik pakatik yaahh” ,these were  the sounds mainly uttered by the heroine, Negra Bandida herself while continuously hitting the horse to make it run quicker.

 I’d been also hearing my brothers and sisters repeating the same lines so my parents would chide us and stop us from making any unwanted clatters. Back then, we’re all stubborn so basically we wouldn’t sleep and still wait for the ghost story we’d been hooked about. 

At 9’o clock in the evening, immediately after Negra Bandida, we would be listening to “Gabi ng Lagim” (Night of Terror – a collection of creepy ghost stories which transcends beyond one’s imagination. I wouldn’t forget those nights when I’d been struggling to sleep because of the horrors inside my head. Though it frightened me badly, I kept on listening to it. Then again, I’d become panicky.

One could easily please a child, and I wouldn’t be an exemption to that. Back in the old days, I’d love to eat “tira tira”, it was a hard, long and coffee-like candy which cost only twenty five centavos. Needless to say, I would eat four pieces a day until I cried in pain because of toothache. I’d also like to eat “dragon” a peanut inspired chocolate bar that swept me off my feet.

Like other kids of my age, I used to devote my spare times climbing trees, either the smallest or the tallest ones. Together with my siblings, we used to spend our Saturday afternoons, searching the woodlands for kerson fruits (aratiles), salamander fruits (bignay), and cotton fruits (santol). Before darkness had to strike, we would have been back home or else we would have received punishments from my father.

Still recounting, I had this nerve-wracking experience of almost falling from the tamarind tree. It was one afternoon actually before I went to school, I decided to get some tamarind so I climbed up there disregarding the fact that I was wearing my uniform, with my blouse and skirt on. After getting plentiful fruits, as I climbed down hastily, my skirt accidentally tethered to one of the delicate branches and so I lost my balance. I would have fallen and hurt myself if I didn’t hold on to that sturdy branch tightly, it had saved me from further injuries. Afraid to be reprimanded, I did not inform my parents of what transpired. Surely, they would have scolded me anyway.

On the surface, I consider my childhood’s experiences as the best part of my life. I’ll always look back to where everything started. The kind of person I am today is primarily inspired by the joys and sorrows that I had been through in the past years. And at this point in time, I choose to do what I love, and love what I do. With courage and optimism, I’ll choose to live my life the way it should be lived, so when I look back again, I won’t have any regrets.


When you fully comprehend that there is more to life than just here and now, you will begin to live differently. You will start living in the light of eternity. (Philippians 3:5-8 NLT)


 -Anabel Geneta-Raymundo-


Smile More

A smile can hide so many feelings. Fear,sadness, heartbreak…But it also shows one another thing, strength.

If you will be questioning about who she is, I don’t know her either. I was about to write my views about climate change yet I ended up awed by the photograph of this cute little girl. I was stunned with how innocent and amusing her smile was. It seemed that her eyes have a life of its own, inviting me to see what was inside her soul. Enthralled by her innocent yet sweet simper, musings began to cross my mind.

When was the last time have you seen a genuine smile? There were just few, I guess. Superficial smiles have surfaced the universe and it excludes no one. Humans have high regards toward social expectations and standards. It feels distressing to know that most people just live to conform to the standards of the world trying to please everyone. Distinguishing realities from deceptions is almost difficult. A warm and inviting smile can be tricky, clueless, and meaningless.

On the contrary, smiling is also an expression denoting pleasure, cordiality, happiness, joy and amusement. When a person smiles, it invites a positive energy to the person she smiled at. It is contagious in nature. It calms the body, mind and spirit. These simple gestures may be hollow to others, but for me it is significant and desirable. Smiling is not just pleasing others, it is showing who you are as a  person. This humble act means something especially to the confused and oppressed. Whatever trials we encounter right now, remember, we can still beam to show the world that we have the strength coupled with optimism to pass the tests of life. We have to believe that God doesn’t give us any trial beyond our capacity, when faced with mishaps, he will give us the power to endure it and eventually leads us to our way out.


Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love.

-Mother Teresa-



-anabel geneta-raymundo-