The night was still young and the inclement weather had just subsided.I could clearly hear the rattling of the windows caused by  the heavy rainfall and wind an hour earlier.The touch of the cold and fresh air marvelously soothed my exhausted physique and mind. ​​

I just ended reading one of my novel collections written by the master storyteller himself,Sidney Sheldon.Three consecutive afternoons were actually spent in reading the narrative.

I accustomed my after class schedule to get through it so I could turn back to doing what I enjoyed most,writing.Well,blogging,to be more unambiguous.A couple of weeks had passed and still couldn’t ponder of any substantial subjects to envisage on.

It was roughly 8 o’clock,two more hours before my hindmost touched the bed,still couldn’t think of anything to pen.Well,honestly speaking,I was in pensive mood for quite sometime.Preoccupied of random things,even stuffs which were trivial and unthinkable.

In that very moment,the image of my so-called advisory students flashed in my mind trying to dominate my other unfinished discerning.Why they were so stubborn and hard headed?These were few queries that troubled me when I held them in my thoughts.From our first day up to this very day,still,nothing changed.They were still in their usual selves.It seemed that all of those advices and admonishments didn’t work at all.

Like,I was constantly reminding them to clean up,arrange the books in the shelves,organize the chairs and engage in worthwhile activities. I just wondered if something was sinking in them.I only hoped.In contrary,I also observed few students who were consistent on being diligent,well-ordered,and compliant.They were commendable and worth bragging.I just prayed that they would influence their fellows in such ways.

Nevertheless,they were all my chidren and I loved them.Godly gift-this was what they meant to me.Lord Almighty truly blessed me with these youngsters who made me grimace more often yet unbridled my sweetest chuckle.




Jaime Cardinal Sin Learing Center, a private Catholic school in Punta,Sta. Ana,Manila that offers quality Catholic education for the deserving ones

Teaching is the noblest profession indeed.Most of you will agree and others are free to contradict.I don’t really brag about it because I’m in the same line.But if you are one of us,you already have a taste of what this vocation offers.I have been teaching for eight years now,of course I always find this job challenging and rewarding.

I started as a high school  teacher in Jaime Cardinal Sin Learning- a private catholic school in Punta, Sta. Ana,Manila that offers a quality Catholic education solely  for the deserving ones.I was a part of that admirable institution two years ago and I will always take pride of that.I won’t forget our most handsome director,Fr. Mark Munda,our dearest and exuberant principal,Dr. Henry Davalos,our ever-supportive coordinators especially Mrs. Amador and Mrs. Davalos,they we’re the sweetest,and of course my co-teachers and friends.I would like to mention few names,these are amazing persons really,swear!I hope they will not take me out or treat me the next time we’ll see each other.Just saying a big Hi and Hello to Chenny,Mycel,Ruel,Meynard,Jasmin,Ian,Jayrald,Buen,Klarence,Ella,Emcee,Jean,Nina Theresa,Hanna,Aljun,Ace,Mel,Marlo,Shan,April,Marjun,Tina,Elma,Eden,Casie,Lowell and of course Mommy Nhida.I hope I didn’t forget some names especially those who we’re dearest to me.If I did.Please forgive me.

Leuteboro National High School,a public school in the heart of Socorro,Oriental Mindoro

​Time really flies so fast.I am on my second year as a public school teacher here in Oriental Mindoro.My first year was never easy  for I have to adjust in this new environment.Everything was new and I had to deal with it patiently.Well,this is my second year and I am doing very fine.I’m comfortable with things now,including teaching Social Studies which is not in line with my specialization.Dealing with the  subject becomes easier for I am surrounded by people who are easy to work with.Just wanna mention my co-teachers and friends in the Social Studies Department, Sir Gerson,Marchel,Leila and Jepony.Thanks to these awesome people,they welcomed me well in LNHS.Now,I’m on my new journey as an adviser of Grade 10-Julius Caesar,one of the best sections in that grade level,if I must say.

-anabel geneta raymundo-



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