That Night,the Wind Blows

Greetings from the Philippines!How are you today?Hope you are all smiling and enjoying the splendor and simplicity of life.

For today, I have penned a poem about this commonly unappreciated gift from above that also needs a little bit of our attention.Guess what?We can’t see it but we can feel it.It emanates when it does, and it changes direction when it does.

Hope you like this poem,and thank you for your time.

That Night,the Wind Blows

As I was sitting moodily off under the sky,

Watching the silvery moon’s tempting smile–

Behind the stillness of dense clouds up high,

You arose from nowhere after a little while.

I couldn’t see you but I could feel you with me–

Breathing gently through the grass and trees,

Enveloping the whining dwellings with glee,

And moving and whistling under my knees.

As you kicked the dry leaves before me,

You also blew away the fears living in my heart-

Thawing those worries and driving me free,

I just wished that you would never depart!

Oh!wind,stay with me again all night long!

Oh!wind,sing me again your delightful song!


All Rights Reserved

Lebana’s Journal 2020

Anabel G. Raymundo

32 thoughts on “That Night,the Wind Blows

    1. Woaah!Thank you so much for your usual support,Michael. I can’t thank you enough..Have a wonderful night and always stay safe and healthy.


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