Dream Catcher

Greetings from the Philippines!Thanks for checking in!I hope you are healthy and safe from the threats posed by this pandemic.

Yesterday, as I was checking my old photos, this picture of a dream catcher caught my attention, so I decided to craft a short poem about it.Hope you enjoy this.

Dream Catcher

Bound by the window of fates,

I wonder when you pirouette,

How the cadence of the wind,

Muddle your soundless sleep.

Floating in the air on your own,

As you perform your role,

Have you not felt exhausted

Of trimming down my reveries?

Tell me where do bad dreams go

After you catch them completely.

Do they perish with the light of day?

Or die out in the middle of the night?

How about the good dreams in sight,

Until when will they stay in my head?

With all these good energies I grasp,

I want to kiss you like a fool tonight!

My dream catcher,stay by my side,

Until the raging sun meets the stars,

Until the world turns motionless,

Until my dreams begin to breathe.

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Photo Source:legomenon.com

All Rights Reserved

Lebana’s Journal 2020

Anabel G. Raymundo

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