Through Night and Day

Greetings from the Philippines!Thanks for checking in!Hope you are all enjoying the love and blessings you deserve as you come across this blog.

To love and be loved is the most beautiful feeling we could ever feel in this world full of trials and despair.Love keeps you going when the world seems so unfair. It allows you to breathe when you can’t find any reason to live.Love is love.No one can refute it.

My nephew,Michael, has been blessed to find the woman who adores and loves him completely. As they celebrate their 3rd month as a couple,may this poem serve as a testament of their profound love and admiration to each other.

Sherenol,hope you appreciate this simple gesture of love from Michael. I wish both of you more months and years of love and happiness. Please stay strong. Let your love grow in trust,respect, and faith in God.Enjoy your day.

Through Night and Day

The moon and the stars glittered

When our diverse worlds collided.

Without a word,without a notice,

Only magic surrounded the surface.

I asked your name,you smiled at me.

My heart frantically pounded with glee.

We began sharing laughters and stories–

Minutes when I would like time to freeze.

Do you still remember when you said “yes”?

It was in the month of May, no more no less,

When the birds cheerfully sang their love songs.

Just love!I couldn’t sense any wrongs.

You taught me dear how to love selflessly.

You are kind,patient, and forgiving to me

No one can replace the love that we have,

I am beyond thankful to our God above.

Nights become days when you’re at my side.

What a heavenly feeling,I could never hide!

Our love is pure and true,no one can gauge.

Let’s commit to our promise until we age.

And as we cross this windy path called life,

I’ll embrace you tight in the middle of strife.

No matter what happens, I will surely stay.

To love and hold you through night and day!

Photo Source: Sherenol Nable

Tag. Michael Geneta Mascarinas

All Rights Reserved

Lebana’s Journal 2020

Anabel G. Raymundo

37 thoughts on “Through Night and Day

  1. Here’s a BIG THANK YOU for you Tita
    For never letting me down,
    For helping me when I ask,
    Thank you for your support. 😍😘
    Thank you for your time, love and effort, you are the best Tita in the World 😁😘 .For sure my girlfriend will love your beautiful poem for her. Till next time. Always take care my beloved and beautiful Tita.😘😍

    Your Dearest Pamangkin,
    Michael Mascarinas

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Wooahh!!It is always a delight helping you through this humble writing.Whatever happens,whatever it takes,I will always be there to support you.I’m glad you loved the poem and I hope your girlfriend like it as well.Stay sweet and handsome as you are,ok?Be safe wherever you are.God bless you.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, dearest Anabel! Beautiful poem!
    Congrats to your brother and future sis in law.
    May their union bless also those who are witness it.
    God loves you, Sister! And He loves your bro and sis in law! ❀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Wooah!Nice to hear from you,my dear friend.No worries,in the right time and place,you’ll experience the love you’ve always wanted.For now,stay healthy and safe,ok?Miss you so much!See you soonest😜


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