My Endless Love

Hello, dearest friends! Greetings from the Philippines!

Love is the most sublime feeling we could ever experience on this planet. It brings unexpected smiles in our faces and things we couldn’t explain. Here, I crafted a simple poem expressing my intense feeling and admiration to the person who holds my heart right now. Hope that it resonates with you as much as it did to me. Enjoy reading and let us infect the world with love.

My Endless Love

Love is not love until I found you.

That erratic feeling out of the blue

Made my heart flutter in pleasure.

Never experienced a love so pure!

You are the reason of my existence.

I just live to celebrate your presence.

I am only yours and you are truly mine.

Breathing beside me, you’ll not whine.

I’ll make you smile when you’re sad,

Calm your mind when you are mad,

Fix your bed when you want to slumber,

Cuddle you when things are in a blur.

And as you traverse your journey in life.

I’ll hold your hands in the midst of strife.

You need not fear for I will be here.

That’s a promise I surely hold dear.

My love for you will never fade away.

Even your bristly hair turns to gray.

I have sworn that to our God above.

For with you, I found my endless love.

If you liked this poem, please feel free to give your honest thoughts and opinions. I will surely love that. Kindly like, comment, follow, and share my blog. Thank you, friends. Peace and blessings to all of you!

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Lebana’s Journal 2020

Anabel G. Raymundo

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