Life in the time of Pandemic

Hello from the Philippines! Thanks for checking in.

Like some parts of the world, my country has been hardly hit by the outbreak. As of writing, we have 44, 254 COVID-19 cases with 1,297 deaths. Appalling? Isn’t it?

Living in the time of pandemic may put you in a strain, but you can always choose to see the light even in the darkest moments.

In the meantime, please marvel in the beauty of my haikus which focuses on the impact of pandemic to our lives. Thank you!


Alone in my room

Your virtual hugs and kisses

Keep my sanity


While the world halts

The stars and moon smile

Driving fears away


Just look around you

Nature provides you relief

Adore its beauty


Look above the trees

The birds are flying freely

Wish I were a bird


Stay in your house

The virus may attack you

Without a warning


The fridge calls my name

Tempting my mind and body

Gaining weight is sure


Kids play in the house

While the adults are working

 What a disaster!


Wearing masks and gloves

Set to fight the unseen foes

Our new heroes


The virus brings fear

Destroying one’s mental health

How long will it last?


When the plague hits us

The world changes in an instant

Deal with the outcome


Hey there! Do you want to share your own haiku?

Please feel free to comment below. Wishes!



© All Rights Reserved

Anabel G. Raymundo

Lebana’s Journal  2020




40 thoughts on “Life in the time of Pandemic

  1. We may have to imprison our bodies in such testing times, but nothing can imprison a poet’s heart. Wonderful poem indeed, thank you for sharing such a beautiful post! According to your convenience please do read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. 😊

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    1. Most definitely!Our sad experiences further add beauty and depth to our writing. I would love to visit your blog.Keep safe and have a good night from where I live.

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  2. I hope this gets over soon 😔 Let’s discover ourselves in this pandemic.
    Your poem has such strong vibe. I would be happy if you visit my blog

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  3. Here’s a series of haiku that were published last year in The Weekly Avocet. Thank you for the opportunity to share them.


    summer morning birds
    sing their joyous welcome song
    greet the coming dawn

    warm summer breeze
    blows through open windows, doors
    warms the chilly house

    dogs bark at midday
    amid drone of lawn mower
    shatter lunchtime peace

    creek rising high
    cool water so inviting
    on a summer day

    thunder booms above
    threatening clouds hover in sky
    I’m safe in armchair

    beach mid-afternoon
    pelicans soar overhead
    black dots in the sky

    salt water up nose
    clenses nasal passages
    nature’s nasal spray

    distant thunder growls
    sun shines brightly overhead
    blue sky with white clouds

    fish of all sizes
    swim in huge aquariums
    for mankind to see

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  4. Those haikus made my morning. You have fully mastered the art of crafting such refined pieces which permit the minds to wander and imagine. Have a great morning from where I live.


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