HELLO, lovelies! How’s everyone so far?

I’ve been slumbering for years, literally speaking, and it feels like I’m new again in this community. Just pondering, do I still have a spot here? Well, this is for me to figure out in the coming days and months.

Seriously, I miss my followers and friends here whom I interacted to plus the inspiring stories which I failed to enjoy reading. I wish I could write from time to time like before. As you all know, writing became my guard and companion for years. It became my breather when I needed it. In fact, it released all my uncertainties especially when I tend to overthink about stuffs which were not that essential.

Ruminating, I have also penned guileless poems and short stories which depicted my ideals and dispositions in certain matters. However artless they might seem, you have been there to express your support by giving stimulating feedbacks. And that uplifted my confidence even more.

Odd as it seems, I don’t know how and where to start again after a long hiatus. But I believe that through all you I will be able to recover my wings and fly again without fears.

By the way, I would like to thank my followers for sticking with my blog although I haven’t posted anything here for so long. Just don’t know how to express my sincerest gratitude to all you.

Please know that I will be forever grateful of meeting you virtually and reading your delightful stories.  I am so excited to be reunited with all of you.



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