Dear Ana

Hello lovelies!

I hope you are all in a good shape, sound mind and spirit amidst the threats posed by COVID-19. Well, just a few days ago, my nephew, who just graduated from senior high school, asked me to pen a poem for his ultimate love named Ana. A high school love!Haha!

I hope that this poem reaches her attention and may she take this positively for all he wanted is tell her how much he loves and adores her. Indeed, love does find a way. Hope you appreciate this simple gesture of love.

Dear Ana

I was a lonely soul before you came.

Waiting for someone to be in sight.

Then, I learned your lovely name.

Suddenly, everything felt so right!


It started with a plain conversation.

Knowing each other is our main goal.

As days passed, it led to infatuation.

Mending my broken heart and soul!


Nights became days when we talked.

As if the world turned motionless,

Bound in a place I’ve never walked,

Stunned by the beauty you possess!


But, like some stories I hated to hear.

I didn’t expect that you would grow coldly.

The least you wanted was me to be near.

And all I remembered was your sorry.


Ana, even if you push me away,

As you tell me to forget you,

My love will be here to stay,

And it always remains true!


© All Rights Reserved

Anabel G. Raymundo

Lebana’s Journal 2020


Photo by: Ana Crisel Aniel

Tag. Chrisford Geneta

22 thoughts on “Dear Ana

      1. Okay Lebana ! 😂 I’m willing to wait till tomorrow just kidding. Hope you make it as soon as possible to my beloved Girlfriend (Sherenol Nable) 😘😍

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  1. A poem on demand. The menu, very simple: Declaration of love. And an aunt who consents. A great luck to your nephew because he has a poet who knows how to reach the hearts of others.
    Good Sunday and you’re right. You have to take good care of yourself.

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  2. Thank you.You know when a high schooler falls in love,he thinks that he already finds his true love and destiny.Then after a week, he totally forgets everything.Haha!Have a great day and more power to your blog!


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