A Letter to my Followers

Hello friends! Thanks for checking in!

Just a month ago, I was chosen to be of the school paper advisers in our school. Well, it might be a hard-hitting task but I still accepted the offer. Actually, I feel somehow honored to be a part of this organization where I can help young journalists to speak for themselves and develop their latent talents in writing.

Over the years, our school publication, The Junction, has been indomitable in achieving excellence and success. As a matter of fact, we have won in various press conferences, from cluster to national conferences, both in individual and group categories.

Certainly, aside from the teachers and students’ concerted efforts, one of the contributing factors of this feat is the technical assistance. However, this year, the school has insufficient funds to support the materials needed by the publication such DSLR and laptop.

In this regard, I am humbly knocking at your generous hearts to please help us by sending  financial assistance which will be used in purchasing one (1) laptop to be used in encoding and lay outing purposes. We aim to raise an amount of forty thousand pesos (40,000 Php) which is equivalent to 800 USD.

Any amount from you will be a big help to them. Remember that you are not only helping me but those young campus journalists who are eager to write for the school and for the nation as well.

If you are interested, please send your message at anabelraymundo77@gmail.com or via 09165295487.

Thank you very much.

God bless you.




Anabel G. Raymundo

Oriental Mindoro, Philippines


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