Lebana Speaks: Be Humble!

Practice humility.

Always remember there are people superior than you.

You may also learn something new from a kid.


Humility is not thinking less of yourself.

It is thinking of yourself less.


Lebana’s Journal 2018

Anabel G. Raymundo

27 thoughts on “Lebana Speaks: Be Humble!

  1. Hmmm it’s not so much that others are superior to one’s self. But have different gifts – the most important person is not the one sitting at the top or otherwise above others – but the one willing to clean the bathroom thereby preventing the spread of deadly bacteria.

    Remember it was the loss of a humble nail from a horses shoe that led to the loss of a king, battle and kingdom.

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      1. Your welcome Lebana.

        We are all nails – some of whom have greater responsibilities than others being the difference.

        With all of us having the power to set in motion grave and negative unforeseen consequences or positive; ones that will affect others and ourselves whether for good or ill – the choice is yours to make.


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  2. Hey I read your some recent blog. All started with lebana speaks. But don’t you think with speaking, listening is also an important factor.
    Don’t take it a wrong way. I am not blaming you or anything but there is a blog I recently encounter regarding ignorance. https://wp.me/p9xRSs-4g
    I like to have one of your blog based on this thought.

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