Enigma ( A 50-Word Story)

“Be my wife”, Vin nervously uttered. Dumbfounded, Janine’s response reverberated in the room.

Everything was so perfect. He loved her as she loved him.  Their love story was envied by the townspeople.

They exchanged their sweetest vows.

Twenty-four hours later, she was found dead in their room, he was missing.


Copyright © 2018 Lebana’s Journal

Anabel G. Raymundo

54 thoughts on “Enigma ( A 50-Word Story)

  1. I can see you found the boundaries help instead of hurt the power of your story. I time TV commercials and then marvel at how they pack so much into 15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds. We can strengthen our communications and story telling skills by condensing and focusing on images and innuendoes, allowing the reader to fill in the gaps. I think the 6-word stories are so much fun. I wrote 3 “anthologies” of 25, 6-word stories after reading some by Tony Single at Unbolt me.com. He also wrote several other “form-limited” stories and poems. Another fun site is “Little Fears” where he writes short pun-ridden mystery stories.

    glad you are having fun.

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    1. I admire your stories,Von.You’re such a brilliant storyteller.Actually, I’m planning to write a longer story, but I don’t have the luxury of time.
      Keep writing more word-stories.


      1. I read so much talented writing, such as yours, I am boggled at the vastness of imagination. Writing possesses me, suspends time, degrades all other priorities save life and love.

        Your first forays into writing “page turners” has already added power to your words.

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      2. I’ve been also awed by the wonderful writings I’ve read here since I started.They were truly products of creative imagination.Certainly,aside from being able to expres my thoughts,I’ve been also blessed to interact with brilliant minds like you.


      1. I’m still struggling with it, but the doctors are working on it. I see my neurologist and sleep specialist next week to go over latest tests. Thank you for thinking of me. The prayers make all the difference!

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      2. I’ll be praying for good results,and I know everything will be alright,sis!Our loving Father will heal you, and He makes all things possible.Smile.

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