Ode to the Rain

Suppressed from the depths,

Afar from the blazing fire,

Shackles are now wrecked,

Ready to intrude anytime.


As the lights efface briskly,

Frigid air emanates slowly,

Flamboyant shrieks drip,

Kissing the earth’s shield.


Heft of clouds dissolve,

As it pours from the sky,

Unhurriedly but surely,

Filling the world’s desire.


It softens the silhouettes–

Of flowers and leaves,

Mountains and trees,

Lying in its territory.


Fresh beginnings arise,

As various seeds sprout,

on its productive land–

Untainted and hallowed.



You are loved, dear rain,

I love how you wash away–

my fears and uncertainties,

yearnings and hollowness.


I simply love how you mollify–

my crumbling mind and physique.

Let me succumb in your loving arms!

Before I hungrily bathe in your gift!


© Copyright Lebana’s Journal

Anabel G. Raymundo


42 thoughts on “Ode to the Rain

  1. Ode to rain in Da Lat Vietnam:

    Here in Vietnam its been raining night and day
    I woke up this morning and wondered if it would stay
    I gazed out the hotel window and what had begun
    A morning with just a little hint of some sun

    So I gathered my backpack and camera and was ready again
    But by the time I got outside the sun had turned to rain
    Now everyone here just uses a rain coat and goes on out
    So I do the same and headed from within to without

    But as soon as I got all decked out for the rain and gave the hotel my key
    I looked out the front door and what did I see
    It had stopped raining and there was that sliver of blue sky and sun
    And it stayed that way all day what had just ended would soon come again

    So what’s my decision in all these changes you make ask while in a coffee shop I sit
    Well I think everyone talks about the weather but no one can do anything about it

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  2. It is for sure a perfect ode to rain. Loved reading it.
    I wonder sometimes , why rain overwhelm us so much. Every time when it rains , I sort of unwind, break my shackles and set my soul free. Rain for sure has that effect on me..
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely poem.

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