Over 2,000 Followers on Lebana’s Journal

Good day! Thanks for checking in!

Four days after its first birthday, I am more than grateful to announce that Lebana’s Journal has gloriously crossed its 2000 followers’ mark. What on earth have I done to enjoy such blessing!

In this regard, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to all of you, my dearest followers. You probably don’t have any idea how much you have inspired me through your unremitting and unconditional support on my blog. This blog of mine wouldn’t have reached this milestone without all of you, so please allow me to express my sincerest thanks even in this little way. Thank you very much!

Same appreciation goes to those who have viewed, liked, reblogged, and commented on each post I published here. When I hit 1000 followers’ mark last year, I became a bit worried of the topics I would be writing on my blog. However, after some nights of unobtrusive pondering, I have decided to stick on my previous writing principle—write not to impress but to express.

Truly, we can only find our voice in the midst of stillness and certainty. So fortunate to find mine! Through this platform, I have recovered my wings which allowed me to reach greater heights and boundless possibilities. Surprisingly, it made me discover my potentials, both unmasked and concealed.

I’m not a sage nor an expert, but I want to challenge each and every one of you. Keep on writing until it becomes normal as breathing. Your words have power, and they are truly amazing. Share them to the world now!

Again, thank you so much!

And may you all enjoy the journey He has prepared!







68 thoughts on “Over 2,000 Followers on Lebana’s Journal

  1. write for yourself, always, your voice will draw. I don’t always love your stuff.. but I hear “you”, your voice in posts… that is what draws… a voice, in this wilderness, with or worth a magnet, be yourself and the rest will follow Lebana… but you already know that I think (wink)

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    1. I write for myself,not for anybody else.Thank you,and I will take this comment as an inspiration for my future posts.I wish you the best.God bless you!


  2. It is a bit late, but many congratulations on making 2,000 followers (and counting😉) ! You deserve it and more, your writing is incredible and always so positive. Looking forward to your next amazing achievement ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much.I’m trying to keep up now after slumbering for two years😀.Blogging is even more exciting now because of a friend like you.Don’t worry, you’ll have the same or more followers in no time,dear, I’ll pray for that.You have an amazing blog that deserves a boost.Congrats in advance😀

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      1. You are doing great! Wouldn’t be able to tell that it’s been 2 years, your writing and the quality is consistently amazing. Same, blogging is more fun and exciting cause have a friend like you 😀 Thank you for your very kind words, can only hope so that it’ll happen one day 🙏 I’m having fun writing and blogging and making it more a priority now than before. Can’t wait until your next milestone 😋 very soon, you’ll have 2000 more followers!! Stay safe and thank you for sharing your talent with us.

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