Lebana Speaks: Love Under the Clouds

When  will you come back?

You told me you’ll be here soon,

Have you forgotten your promise?

Where did the sweet words hide?


I will wait for you, love of my life,

Until the sun meets the stars,

Until the seas become desiccated,

Until the universe turns motionless.


Whenever you arrive,

Meet me under the ocean of clouds,

Where the wide-ranging meadow lies,

Tranquil and untouched.


Over the bed of green grass,

We will sprawl delightfully,

Like we own the place,

Like we own the universe.


We will meander and get lost,

Over the tapestry of wildflowers,

Trees, shrubs, and even mountains,

Until we both lose our sanities.


We’ll hum our favorite song,

As we dance under the clouds,

And before you leave, I will utter the foremost words,

“Darling, I love you, and I will always do”


Copyright © 2018 Lebana’s Journal

Anabel G. Raymundo


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