Like A Caged Bird

I can march but not too far.

I can soar but not too high.

I can croon but not too sweet.

I can giggle but not too much.

I can cry but not too loud.

I can clutch but not too tight.

I can hear but not too clear.

I can love but not too pure.

I can trust but not too sure.

I can endure but not too long.

How can I escape from these bars?

Just tell me now.

© Lebana 2018

Anabel G. Raymundo

All Rights Reserved.

20 thoughts on “Like A Caged Bird

  1. Lower the bar, set your goals as the sky let not your environment be your cell. Only your mind can set your standards. Then only when u will soar with all them mighty wings. Knowing what freedom can do, not to define the cage u r in.

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    1. I couldn’t agree more.I often forget that the possibilities I have are limitless,and the challenge now is to break the bar inside my head.Thanks for reminding me.God bless you!

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      1. That is why a reminder not just for u, me too. If u believe in magic, a human can soar not just here on earth, maybe even the stars beyond.

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  2. the first to last line confuses me… I think it should be “how can I escape from these bars” (plural).. unless you had something else in mind that I am missing? we have a similar vibe to our writing so I think, my instinct, might, be right.

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