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Life is not easy, let us admit it. Until this very day, I haven’t met or heard someone saying it is the other way around. We’ve all been there. Even the richest people in the world failed once or twice in their lives. Even the intellectuals suffered from despair and condemnation.

Life is an unending cycle of learning and relearning things. It is a composed of twists and hitches that one needs to defeat, and as we see it, it is never perfect. However, we should never disregard this principle: Live life the way it should be lived.

I’m not a sage nor an expert. But I have this assenting view towards life. I have shared here 2 most important things you need to probably rediscover about life.

  1. Trust yourself.

You are living in a world where you are bombarded with how inadequate you are. You’ve seen in the news how another 19 year old created a software that some giant company bought for a frigging $1 billion. Then you look at yourself and feeling disgruntled for not doing the same.

Because you feel you don’t have enough knowledge, you go out trying to get more skills and competencies. But then, when you already acquire those, you realize you are still inadequate.

This is not because you lack anything or what. It is because you don’t have resourcefulness, the feeling and confidence within you. It requires to show that you can take care of things, that no matter how bad the situation is, you will overcome it. Just learn to trust yourself.

  1. You matter than you think.

When I was 25, I had that fatal experience.

Abnormally, my right foot had swollen without any knowledge of its cause. I went to the doctor to be checked, and he said that I suffered from cellulitis. It is a kind of cell infection which I might have gotten from insect bites. Then I was advised to take some medicines for a week, but they didn’t help at all.

As weeks passed, my condition became even poorer which made me disheartened for days. Needless to say, I couldn’t eat nor sleep because of too much depression. Everything turned murkier in my sight. The following day I was rushed in the hospital.

It was no longer about my swollen foot. The doctor said that I was suffering from a severe gastrointestinal problem, which might have turned to a more serious situation if I wasn’t t brought earlier. “You were nearly dehydrated when you were brought here”, the doctor intensified.

As I was appallingly lying in bed, I realized one thing. I didn’t want to die. Not yet. Not this time.

I realized then, just for that split moment, I mattered.

It was one of the valuable lessons I learned in life. I matter. It matters that I live. It matters that I do the things I want to do.

In this same light, I want to share it with you: You matter. Don’t wait for that fatal experience for you to understand how important you are.

Even if no one else cares, no one else recognizes you. You matter.

Sometimes the world will let you feel how incompetent and worthless you are. This might be the time when you’re thinking about jumping in front of a bus or shooting your head by a gun.

Don’t do that. You matter. It matters that people see your abilities and uniqueness.

It matters that you share your gifts to the world. You might be seeing your potentials just yet, but they are brilliant and surprising.

Let the world see them because you matter!


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